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    As a parent, I tend to get frustrated when my kid doesn’t listen to me the first time. There should be no argument, really. Seeing as he is two, he doesn’t have the ability to question me, so until then it should be – if I say it, do it, it’s not because I’m trying to be mean. For the most part Cylas is a wonderful, wonderful little boy. He really is quite obedient although not without witty ways to press the boundaries. If I say “Don’t touch!”, he will grab a pencil, drum stick, spoon or any other sort of tool and gently touch the untouchable. If I say “don’t go outside, please”, he’ll open the door and stick his hand out. He’s not outside — his hand is. *sigh* And so the life of a mother whose child has the creativity of a mad scientist goes. But, yesterday had to take the cake. First off, I must preface this with sharing a short story on his latest skill. Climbing. So, Saturday, it was GORGEOUS and I went out with Cylas to play for a bit. Roma fell asleep so I let Cy play on his own. Every five minutes or so I would poke my head out and give a holler. We have a system. I holler and he grunts his replies. It works. So, I’m toodling around the house and I hear him yelling. I don’t react immediately because sometimes he likes to sing and yell out there while he’s digging, or dragging around defenseless stuffed animals by the neck with his jump rope. But, the yelling continued. It came in little spurts. “Maaaahm.” pause. “Maaaahhhmmm!!” When I opened our side door, I saw him. He was hanging from a small apple tree by the seat of his pants. The tree had snagged on to his sweats and wouldn’t let go. Talk about an atomic wedgie!! He wasn’t crying, but he was frustrated. He was kicking his little legs and trying desperately to free himself from the tree’s sticky grasp.

    I have to admit that I almost went back inside to grab my camera. Don’t kill me! I didn’t

    So, I rescued him. And now, for what took place Sunday afternoon. D and I invited the pastor and his wife over for Sunday lunch. I made meatloaf over potatoes. Absolutely, yummy! Well, I think Cylas was inspired by his last harrowing experience with the tree and decided that it might be easier to climb on something that doesn’t have sticky branches. So, he hopped on top of the pastor’s car. I kid you not! Needless to say, I turned a light shade of purple. Not because I was mad, but because I’m brown and brown people don’t turn pink when they are embarrassed. *sigh* Thankfully, the pastor and his wife are goodnatured, upbeat people and laughed. Actually, the pastor took the photo himself….

    What is a mom to do!?

    I am still laughing!!!

    Hanging by his pants?!?!?!

    What a stinker!

    I wonder what is going to happen down the road when Roma can keep up with him?

    Love your blog. Your kid is sooo very cute. Makes me laugh and reallize what I have to look forward to once I have my little boy!


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