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  • It’s Penguin Day!

    At the library

    Don’t ask me why they picked the end of April to debut penguins. Just looking at all the posters made me shiver. I didn’t want to see another snowflake or iceberg. All it did was make me groan thinking about how I had just spent the last four month of my life indoors due to the extreme colds of this past winter. But, I was sucked into the room against my will at the hands of my very eager two year old. They had books, puzzles and all sorts of crafts on penguins. And I still didn’t get why they chose to talk about this frosty animal when spring is just opening its pretty petals for us. Cylas and I decided to make a penguin puppet. Or, maybe I decided for him because I figured that making a book about penguins would be too advanced. He colored the head and the tummy and left me there, scissors in hand to finish up. The penguin, we’ll call him Jerry, looked pretty good. Jerry is a little bald because Cy didn’t give him any color up top, but he works just fine as a paper bag puppet.

    As soon as I finished pasting little Jerry together, I made my way to the other side of the room because Cylas was antagonizing the other penguin loving toddlers. They had some really interesting crafts and games! I was particularly taken with the Sound Blocks. There were, I believe, ten blocks with five different sounds. So, there were five pairs. You had to shake each block and find the corresponding block amongst the others. If you couldn’t differentiate, the underside of each block had a dot of color to match it up. It was more difficult than I thought! They used this to demonstrate how each penguin has its own call. Very neat.

    Here is a video of Cylas playing with some penguin pieces until it was cut short by the potty shiver…observe.

    After a brief intermission, a much needed potty break, we came back for more. Watch how they interact. Kids can compromise to make an even playing field, especially if one child is exceptionally aggressive (MINE!)

    To help us remember our time there, the librarian supplied each of the children with a plastic bag FULL of penguin-y mementos. One of which was a strip of stickers. And Cylas decided that I should be marked as his mother. So, he planted one right on my tummy… I’m an Emperor penguin mother to a baby Emperor penguin.

    I saw lots of communication between the children without a word being said.

    I guess that the little boy was not fast enough on getting the toys! Cylas cleared the table so he could have more room to play Penguins.

    25 Apr 2009, 3:54pm
    by Faith Maria Lopez


    that was the cute. Love you i will see you on the 26th of may.


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