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    In the handbook of “How to raise your toddler”, there must be a chapter on what your toddler must do in order to graduate from baby to toddler. And if there isn’t, then I think I’ve got the perfect sequence of events to prove that I’m the proud mommy of a blooming toddler!
    The first of these events occurred last weekend. D took Cy on his first fishing trip ever! It was terribly cute. A very eager Cylas woke us up around 6:30 in the morning with a whispered “Papa, fish, fishing?” Of course, we weren’t too keen on getting up that early on a weekend but according to Cylas time was a wastin’. So, sleepy eyed and incoherent we both rolled out of bed. I made breakfast, packed us a picnic and we were off to Halfway Dam! Cylas was vibrating in his seat. He couldn’t contain himself. He was so proud of his matching Spiderman hat and pole. His first fishing trip was cute. They didn’t catch any fish, but we left with plenty of memories. However, a few mornings prior I captured his first shaving experience with his papa. Every little boy needs to learn how to shave, right? I can’t say that I’m not a little nervous about him trying this on his own while I’m preoccupied. He already climbs on the sink to get his toothbrush and toothpaste. His poor toothpaste has water inside the tube and it sounds sloshy every time we go to brush his teeth. It isn’t because I don’t know how to take care of these items, it’s simply because I have an ambitious toddler who likes to brush his teeth when I’m not looking. It’s a horibble mess of water, paste and drippy towels afterward.

    But his latest experience really stunned me. We went bowling in this sleepy little town we live in. There was no one there at all except us and my friend and her family. It was an old alley but very clean. There was no music to entertain us, but that was just fine. We had such a kick of a time just the eight of us: four adults, two kids and two babies! Cylas proved that just because you’re two and the bowling ball weighs as much as you doesn’t mean you can’t play a mean game! It was hilarious.He enjoyed chasing D up to the lane and cheering as the bowl crashed into the pins. Notice in the video below how absolutely empty the place was…

    I’m glad David let Cylas shave with a comb. He will turn to the comb to practice before he tries the razor. He is such a hands on kind of boy.

    I can’t wait to get there and see everyone. Would really like to see Roma roll!

    Definitely a toddler and knocking on the door of being a little boy! That was a precious post and it took me back a few years to when my boys were Cylas’ age and going fishing with their papa(my dad). Cherish those times, they seem but just a moment and then they are grown up. What a good mommy and daddy you have Cylas to introduce you to one of life’s most enjoyable pastimes, fishing! (Baseball is next!)

    The bowling clip is the cutest! And, being married to an outdoorsman, I can appreciate Cy and his Poppa fishing! Great memories for them!
    Love you


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