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    10:30 is a much awaited time in the Kelbatyrov household. At least for me it is. Cylas doesn’t know the difference. But I sure do! It’s when Roma goes to sleep for her first nap of the morning. Now, please, before you sniff and think to yourself what an awful mommy I must be. Let me tell you all a little something. It’s MUCH easier to do housework with one munchkin begging for your attention than two!! As soon as Roma goes down, the dishes are immediately swept into the dishwasher, the floor is broomed and Cylas’ room gets a five minute makeover! *sigh* Now, in between all that I’m trying to get Cy either into the tub or out and dressed so he can go outside. Lately, that has become a VERY important part of the day. If were up to him, he would shoot straight out the door, in his pj’s, once the sun rose. His good buddy Pasha has taken to stalking Cylas throughout the day so they can play. Several times, while both the children were sleeping, Pasha let himself in and entertained himself with Cy’s toys until I kicked him out or Cy woke up. It’s amazing what two curious little boys can do to create a whole world of fun. Now, Pasha has five older brothers who are sports fanatics. Hockey helmets, knee pads, pucks, mitts, gloves, bats and other sport paraphernalia follow Pasha to our house and he and Cy go to war. They each grab a trike, a helmet and some type of sword, Cylas lost his under the porch…that was a BAD day, and they scream, careening down the driveway until they stop in the grass below. Too cute for words…but, I still look forward to 10:30 every morning when I can whip my house into shape…somewhat.

    Sweet Cheeks Roma! Ah, Misha, you’re a great mom. When your children are grown and gone you’ll be waiting for David to go to sleep to get your housework done! Love you bunches!

    Hair !!! Roma is getting some hair! She is such a doll! Her eyes are so perceptive…

    I can’t believe that BD is still alive. That blanket is incredible. I wonder if Roma is going to get as attached to her blanket as Cylas is to his. Or is he incorporating Roma’s “BD” in to his costume wardrobe?

    Haha! Sounds pretty busy but a great childhood for Roma and Cy! Sarah is supposed to tell you “hi” for me, but if she doesn’t here it is: HI! I miss you! =)


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