1 Jun 2009, 6:17pm
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  • Of Food And Love: Picnic in the van

    I’m sure all mothers can relate with this especially mothers with two or more children. How many times have you started your day with the determination to be out before lunch time. I usually aim for 10am. It’s not too early and it gives me enough time to run around while Roma is sleeping and Cylas is still full from breakfast. But somehow one o’clock rolls around and I’m STILL flitting around the house. It’s a gorgeous day and I really want to take the kids out for a little picnic after a quick stop at the library to get some books. But…
    My day: Roma naps while I try to get us on the road but before I can load her into the van Cylas decides that it’s time to poop. Thankfully I bathed them both this morning so a quick wipe down should be good. I’m hurrying all the while thankful I managed to get a shower and make our bed. But in spite of my frantic cleaning, the house looks a little worn out because Cylas dragged all of his bed covers and several HUNDRED stuffed animals all through the house, leaving the mass of them on our bed. And where did the ants come from? Why do I have ants crawling all over my kitchen? The dishes were done, the floor was mopped and I’m fighting a small army with soap and scrubbie. Ick. Ick. Sitting in the cool library never sounded so good. But how to get out of the house. I just want to be around people. So, now, the little munchkins are piled in the van and I’m proud of myself because I’ve packed a lunch for Cylas, but now I’m hungry. No time to eat. I need to get going before it’s HIS nap time. I make it to the library only to find out that my card has an ASTRONOMICAL fine and I can’t check out any books! So, to make my harried day a little more interesting I’m on library card probation. Yeah, the young mother of two can’t even drag herself to the library to keep up with the due dates. And I’m still hungry. *sigh* Good thing I packed Cylas a tuna sandwich with goldfishes and a banana. I think I’m going to get Taco Bell and sit in the van for our picnic.

    I’m so glad that you blogged! It’s one of the ways I get to enjoy being a very proud grandma.

    Awww poor Misha!
    Sounds like a stressfull day for Mommy!.. It did make me laugh though. hehe. I miss you all so much and can’t wait to see you all again!

    FUNNY! I felt like you were describing my life – LOL! It does get easier the older they get. My baby, Maddox, is now 2 so it is gettier easier to get out and about. But he loves his naps so I'm still constantly planning my day around him sleeping. I need to be more brave and take them to the library. The thought of taking a 4 and 2 year old boys to a quiet library scares me!


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