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    So this year my Cylas turned three. Even as I type the word, I’m amazed. Three!? But it’s true and he sure does fit the bill of a three year old! Rambunctious, defiant, curious, full of wonder, experimental and a renewed desire for food! Just recently, I couldn’t get him to eat for anything!! I’m so thankful that he stopped fasting…hah. But, of course he isn’t interested in HIS food only my food or his papa’s food. Either way, I’m just glad he’s eating.
    For his third birthday, last minute, I decided to invite his buddies. His party turned out SO WELL. We had chili dogs and frito boats. Actually, I don’t even know if anyone had a frito boat. No one knows what they are out here. I had to keep explaining. Finally, the chips just sat and the chili was consumned along with the hot doggies. Cylas was beside himself. His recent obession has been birthdays.
    Cy: Mahm, I-nuh Happee Berdday.
    Me: Yes, hunny, next Saturday.
    Cy: Happee Berdday?
    Me: Yes, baby, Happee Berdday.

    Not that he was able to comprehend when “next Saturday” was. But, he knew that his day was coming and that’s all that mattered. So, when his big day arrived he was up early asking me if it was a “happee berdday” yet. I told him it was and he jumped into our bed. I sang to him the Happy Birthday song he cuddled with me while I sang and that made my day. Soon, the guests arrived and the mayhem started. Cylas was energized to the max and couldn’t wait to open his gifts. When his cake came out, a good friend of his beat him to the punch and blew out all the candles before he could even get to it. It was hilarious. I suppose nothing will ever top him spitting his candle out last year at his second birthday. But, this was pretty close. This year’s party was special because my very, very dear friend Sarah was able to make out here for the celebration. She was such a huge help. Thank you SO much Sarah. I’ll have to blog about her visit AND the rest of Cy’s third birthday. We celebrated his birthday on two weekends this year. The first was at our place and the second was in New York with my dad. We went to see Bob the Builder on Broadway! More later…

    They didn’t know what Frito Boats are? WoW!

    I’m glad he had a happee berdday! Did he really spit on his cake again? Maybe his friend saw it coming and blew out the candles before Cylas had a chance to “extinguish the flames.”

    I love you an am proud of you.

    Happy berdday to your son!! My son will be 3 in Sept. Where does the time go?


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