5 Jun 2009, 7:33pm
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  • Of Food And Love: Can We Fix It!?

    Oh, lordy, I hope they can. First off, I have to say that our much awaited Broadway show was a sleeper. A snooze. Both D and my dad fell asleep. Cylas didn’t and that’s all that mattered. Yes, it was DEFINITELY for kids. I guess, we were waiting for something a little more captivating like Beauty and the Beast or Lion King. Now those are some good Broadways. I heard that Thomas The Train was even better than old Bob. *hmmmph* The trip to NY was uneventful but pleasant. It was nice to get away to better weather and PEOPLE! We cruised into town mid afternoon and settled in. That night I made tacos. The next morning we planned to leave around 11 so we could get lunch and walk around for a bit. I ended up doing a little shopping while we waited for the show to start. On the way uptown, Cylas and Skyler enjoyed the train rides immensely. They pretended to surf while trying to maintain their balance. It was a lot of fun to watch them. My dad reminisced on how he used to do the same thing as a child. The feeling of floating and gliding through the tunnels under the city is exciting. Cylas discovered “space” while peering out the window as we raced along. He insisted that there were stars out there and that it was “scewwy”.

    Once we reached the surface, the sun was there and we soaked it in for about an hour before the show. That was when we ate lunch and I shopped for two seconds. Cylas ended up falling asleep. Thank goodness for the Ergo Baby Carrier!! It can hold up to 45lbs.
    While we were watching Bob I gradually became aware of my surroundings. I was so appalled too. Mothers were texting, checking their FaceBook and in generally completely distracting themselves from the moment. I noticed several children with hand held video games. Please! We’re here ON BROADWAY, for goodness sake, and you can’t even take a break from technology to enjoy real life. I was very sad. Personally, I can’t wait until Cylas is old enough to appreciate the arts. He’ll be introduced to the symphony as soon as possible. There will be many trips to museums all over, ballets, symphonies, art shows and lots and lots of Broadways. I don’t want his artistic mind to become crippled by DS2!
    After the show, we took advantage of the weather and walked through Washington Square Park. It was wonderful!! We were able to meander through watching different drum circles, the seasonal break dancers and one man even had an old upright piano out there! We finished our day off with a nice dinner at Favela. It is a Cuban/Brazillian restaurant. *sigh* New York does something to me everytime. I wonder if I’m really a New Yorker on the inside…

    Great pics, Misha!!!!! Nice post. =)

    That was a post worth waiting for.

    I so enjoy re-looking at the pictures. One of the ways to enjoy my babies.


    Misha, glad to hear of another parent who doesn't shove a PSP or DS in their little ones hands to entertain them! My husband and I wonder how long we can go before our boys even know what they are! Dylan is 4 1/2 and does not have one. He loves music, so I would rather keep his interest there if possible. Love the pics, glad you had a great time at Bob the Builder!

    i love ny! that's my birthplace.

    i totally agree with you…. if/when i have children, i want them to be exposed to all the world around them, not sucked into a little screen 24/7.


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