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    I contemplated writing another “Since when did…” blog. Maybe I should. But, I think I’m going to spill the beans in this blog post instead. Don’t hold me to it but in another couple months I’m sure a “Since when did…” blog will HAVE to be written. But for now, just enjoy all the recent changes in our lives along with me. So, Cylas recently turned three. And one would think that the shock of overnight changes would wear off. But it hasn’t! Seriously. Can someone tell me when my three year old stopped waking up in the morning with high pitched screaming followed by a good thirty minutes of crying? And his latest attachment is to his Pop on Pop…yes, he calls his Cat In The Hat Pop on Pop. Ever since we read Hop on Pop to him he’s been stuck on it and over the Christmas season he spied a REAL Pop on Pop! It has been his sidekick ever since. And why is Roma half way across the room in less than two minutes flat…propelled, of course, by her little chubby arms because her little legs can’t quite stay under her yet. She does sort of a bunny hop up onto her knees and then heaves forward onto her belly before finally deciding that scooting backward is much easier. And it is, seeing as we have wood floors. That little girl knows how to get her scoot on! And Cylas is learning how to use his languages more and more. He has a few staple phrases that I find hilarious. One of which is said when ever I or his papa leave to go somewhere. He mostly says it to D. On our way out the door, he’ll give us kisses and say, “Dohn fuhget the weoiufgnwe…” Whaaaa? We never have figured out that last word…

    So, at Cy’s three year appointment the doctor said he was growing well. He is a little on the short side but growing just the same. I really enjoy being seen by this particular doctor. He has a special way with children and sets them at ease quickly with his quirky humor and techno gadgets! He had Cylas giggling and relaxed before the appointment was over. Thankfully, this time around we didn’t have any shots. I honestly don’t think I’m going to show up for that one. It will have to be Mr. Kelbatyrov.

    So yesterday was completely bizzarre. Recently I noticed a puddle of green liquid dripping from the van. I would make a mental note to myself to tell D about it and then I would forget. I’m sure if an x-ray was taken of my brain you would see copious amounts of post-it notes full of unverbalized mental notes! Yes, so, this happens to be one of those thoughts that never made it past my lips. And yesterday the van decided to bomb out on us. Fortunately for me, it decided as I was pulling into our driveway after running a bunch of errands. Sky opened his door, he is my little brother for those of you who don’t know, and said, “Mish! It’s smoking”. I told him it was just the ground, because it had just rained and the weather was warming up creating a misty look all across the fields and roads. But I was wrong. Sure enough something had popped down under and that little drip had turned into a small waterfall. Anti-freeze was covering our driveway.

    So, now the van is sporting a diaper and is sitting useless in our driveway until D gets around to fixing it. A plastic tub I found serves as its pamper to catch all of the anti-freeze. But never fear, while the van was giving up the ghost D was coming home…

    with THIS!!! Seriously? Could the timing have been better? Please welcome our latest addition. A 2001 Subaru Outback Limited. It’s so nice. Much better than my soccer mom/ Mennonite van.

    It has a rack and two sun roofs. So nice and compact but perfect for our little family.

    And now, to explain this little oddball photo. Seeing as summer hasn’t quite reached the East Coast yet, when I saw this little raspberry my hope was reknewed. For with summer sun comes berry pickin’ fun! And boy do our berries look like they are going to be GOOD this year!! Soon I’ll have photos of us making jams and perserves…mmmmm

    Scooting backwards!!! How funny. At least she is getting where she wants to go! I just love hearing her holler in the background when I call to talk.

    She is slowly emerging from her little baby world. :D

    Lots of news! =) "Soccer mom/mennonite van" Mish, you crack me up with your way of words! Love you!


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