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    ALL the Kelbatyrovs in DC!! That’s where we spent our weekend two weeks back. It was AWESOME. Honestly. If there is one place I would recommend to parents with children, it would be DC. Like New York, it has a train system called the Metro. However, very UNlike New York the system is pretty simple and straight forward. It has three central hubs and from those points the trains fan out into five different colored train lines. The map looks sort of like a twisted mangle of bendy straws. It was fairly easy to navigate. We stayed in Maryland at a wonderful hotel and commuted by metro to avoid parking fiascos and fees. It took us all of 20 minutes before we were in the heart of DC and walking the streets looking at all the wonderful landmarks and historical buildings. I immediately fell in love with the museums. My word. You would have to be crazy not to stop into the wonderful museums (which are free!!!) to look at pieces of our history. Amazing. We took this trip with a couple of families who also had young children. It was tasking but so worth it and I would do it again in a heart beat.
    Cylas is at the perfect age for introducing him to the world of knowledge. He isn’t old enough to completely comprehend what he’s looking at but he’s old enough to start developing a love for the knowledge of new things. While we were in the Museum of Natural History, he was like a crazed bug running from this thing to that. He would stay for only a moment before something else would catch his eye. I didn’t mind. Everything was interesting to him.

    David really enjoy the Museum of American History. It had tons of World War II artifacts, namely guns, that had him snapping pictures and oo-ing and ah-ing. Please. I just wrinkled my nose. Guns Shmuns.
    David found the guns interesting and I was enthralled by the Obama room. Yes. In the Museum of American History there is a WHOLE ROOM dedicated to our most recently elected Commander in Chief. This display created a huge disturbance and there was even a push to get this room removed. Now, although my political views differ vastly from President Obama’s, I think it is a huge historical event that should have the recognition it is receiving in this museum. The first black president? Seriously. I would hope they would do this for the first woman president!

    We also went to the zoo. It was THE most fun I had ever had at a zoo. It was so interactive and hands on it could be scary. Did I mention the zoo was free? The zoo and the museums are all Smithsonian and are funded by the government. THANK YOU TAX PAYERS. Don’t think your dollars are being wasted. They most certainly are not. I really enjoyed the invertebrate display and orangutans who, as you can see from the picture below, walked freely above our heads.
    They even put on a little show for us.

    Oh, and the MOST important event happened on our way back to PA. We stopped to get something to eat at P.F Changs (yum!) and I was holding Roma. She was sitting on my lap playing around when she tilted her little face up to me, opened her mouth in the biggest smile revealing — TEETH!! Yes, you read right. Teeth. As in two little teeth sitting pretty on the lower half of her mouth. My little girl has teeth…

    Seriously walking "under" primates?Sounds dangerous! What was in the Obama room? Looks like a fun trip!


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