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    Shunk, Pennsylvania. A small burg in the middle of nowhere on the outskirts of Loyalstock State Park. That’s where we were two weekends ago. We drove down on a Friday evening and had chili and hotdogs. Melissa made enough to feed 20 people I think. Since it was the weekend after fourth of July some of our friends brought up firecrackers to set off. I thought it was a wonderful idea until I woke up to Jake, our pastor’s son, blowing up the fireworks — it was 6:30 in the morning. Roma slept until 10:30. I think that was because she stayed up until 11. Poor muffin. Saturday morning we went to a small spring to get water. It was a pipe on the side of the road that trickled out fresh water from an underground spring. We filled a three gallon bottle and took it home. And Wal-Mart charges .33 cents a gallon! Here, Here! Nature rules. A little way up the road was an awesome swimming hole and we went for a dip. But before we went swimming, early that morning David got up and took Cy fishing. He came back empty handed and with the firm belief that the fish were laughing at him. He said that three fish in particular were gaping at him with disgust and circling his line.
    *sigh*. My poor Hunny. On the way to the swimming hole, Jake let off some firecrackers (again!!). The kicker is that we were still driving and he was on the outside of the vehicle. Backwoods livin’ I guess. Once we arrived at the hole, everyone jumped in. It took Skyler about 15 min to get wet but he did it! He was so excited too. Somehow, I think all of this outdoor exposure is good for him. During his time with us, I know he is going to make significant changes within himself. I mean, who wouldn’t after learning how to sleep in his bedroom alone during a thunder and lightening storm(almost), fend for himself when it comes to breakfast and lunch, learn to make his own bed and how make a baby bottle… ya big changes for the boy who couldn’t so much as get himself dressed just recently. But I digress. Back to the camping trip, our way back to the site was long and dusty and we stopped several times so Allen could pick flowers for Melissa. Let me introduce you to two of my friends. Allen. Melissa. Both sappy, poetic lovers who found each other quite by accident. However accidental it was, they were made for each other. They are great friends both creative and fun to be around.One of the highlights of our trip was the General store. Complete with a post office, the store had a small butcher station(which sells THE best bacon, seriously, I have never tasted anything like before in my life), a cafe, a nook displaying odd nick-nacks, toys(note the photo of the potato peel gun) and even a gas pump. With the raise of a hand, the lady in the window will turn the gas on for you and wait until you are done to collect your money.
    I’m glad there are people who live in Shunk. And I’m glad that I’m not one of them. It takes a certain farmish soul to appreciate how quiet and off the beaten path this village is. It was an adventure I will not soon forget and I thank Melissa for the wonderful opportunity to experience Shunk and all its glory.

    23 Jul 2009, 8:07pm
    by The Bingamans


    Dude, I lived in PA all my life and I have never been to Shunk nor do I plan to anytime soon! That is absolutely hilarious!! Glad you had a good time and made it back to civilation, well sort of! hahaha


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