11 Aug 2009, 1:11pm
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  • T – S – 9. And harvesting

    Cylas is three. This means he knows a lot. Everything is subject to a good explanation and a thorough inspection from his ever curious hands. And then, there are the words. He has words of his own. Yesterday we received a package in the mail and it was full of styrofoam bubbles. He immediately named them “sheek”. I have no idea where that word came from but to him it was very important and he took to carrying around handfuls of “sheek” all morning. The other day he was out in the garage helping David when he picked up a garden tool and christened it “gorsh”. Yes. Gorsh. And if you think it’s just a moment that passes and maybe the next day he’ll forget what he named it, you are wrong. His “sheek” and “gorsh” are alive and well. And so is T-S-9. These three are what makes up the whole of his reading vocabulary and they are also the explanation for anything new and undiscovered. “It’s T-S-9, mahm”. Yes, it is. Thank you.

    Now, Roma, is a whole different baby. She is very methodical and determined. She’s only eight months but her spunk should not be underestimated. Like her brother, her curiosity knows no boundaries and I found her trying to CRAWL up the stairs the other morning. The pine cones in the vase are an ever fascinating toy and if she is not allowed to touch something that doesn’t mean her binky isn’t. Yes, creativity didn’t escape her either. Cylas has done similar things. If he wasn’t allowed to touch it that didn’t mean the pencil couldn’t. *sigh* I would say I had my work cut out for me but that would be stating the obvious. Cylas may be the big brother but Roma is definitely my second child. Catching on to things and learning at a pace that continuously amazes me and soon the two of them will be unstoppable, conquering earth and creating Sci-Fi gadgets…ok, ok, I’m being a bit hyperbolic but please…don’t tell me you haven’t thought the same of your children. What wonderful little pieces of love I have. They are a team already. God help me. And I’m serious.
    Now, on to something a little less scary and..well, maybe that’s not true. A garden can be scary. Especially if you don’t weed it. We have managed to keep our garden fairly nice this year. The further along we get, though, I’m starting to think that putting down weed nets would be our best bet for next year. It’s tough! This year we were a little more confident in our skills and planted foods that we will use to help us get through the winter. Potatoes! Tomatoes! And zucchini. We harvested two huge bucket of red potatoes and our tomatoes are starting to turn red and wink at us through the leaves. Soon, I will be making tomato paste and canning them for the winter. We already had one really good batch of raspberries and blackberries this year and I canned two big jars and gave even more than that away. Soon the second batch will come in and I’ll be doing more canning! I really hope our peaches come through again this year so I can make some preserves. There is NOTHING like homemade peach cobbler. Honestly.

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