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  • I love it when…Part Deux

    I did an “I love it when” a while back and I’m due to write a new post on this.

    I love it when:
    Cylas speaks in full sentences.

    When Roma crawls around aimlessly saying, “mam-mam-mama”. Even though she doesn’t need me.

    I overhear Cylas in the other room playing with his ‘lobots’ (robots) “Aye gunna wescue. Pshhhhk. BAM. Ahhhh, helllpp.”

    I catch my children playing together so sweetly.

    Cylas uses his language in his OWN way. Maria sneezed and Cylas asked, “Oh, you snohzed?”. That’s past tense of the past tense of ‘sneeze’.

    Roma wakes up in the morning with a smile on her face and snuggles with me until Cylas can’t handle it and he removes her from my arms.

    Cylas takes the initiative and does big boy things like: comb and style his own hair and make is bed.

    Roma plays hide and seek with herself in her blankets all the while giggling uncontrollably.

    Both of my babies are getting a kick out of each other and then fall out in peals of laughter.

    Roma starts chucking toys out of her pak n play and looks at them longingly, wordlessly through the mesh. Face squished into the netting in an unrecognizable shape.(sort of like when you stick your face in the copy machine…)

    My little boy will grab me around the legs, at any point during the day, and say, “I vuv yew mahm.”.

    Roma entertains herself with articles of clothing by putting them on her head and looking around.

    My sweet, little girl will babble to herself contentedly and then hum as she fiddles with her toys.

    Cylas surprises me with his artistic talent and draws himself.

    I take the babies to the library and Roma enjoys being there just as much as Cylas does.

    Cylas has important things to say like, “I can’t[leave] mahm, I lookin’ at God.” He was reading his children’s bible.

    A ll of these things make my days worth every minute of dirty laundry, demolished rooms, milk spills, potty accidents, puke, dirty diapers and frustration. I love my children; they make my heart light and happy.

    What a sweet post from a sweet mother!

    It doesn't get any better than that, does it? I love it when Conor says "I love you all the way around the world and all of space, Mom!" He just started pre-school a few weeks ago, and he has learned a lot already!

    As far as the next little one, John and I have chosen to wait until he/she is born to see if we have a son or daughter. John's other children plus Conor were born at Sutter Memorial like this one will be, so it is a nice continuity. We are working on coming up with names right now.

    That is weird that you were thinking of us and then the next day I was thinking of you and Cylas and looked up your blog. Having folks like you as library patrons is what makes our jobs so rewarding. There are some lucky librarians in PA!

    TOO CUTE!! The kids are getting soooo big!! They're adorable! Can't wait to see them again!! Dalton enjoyed the pics as well…he loves Cy!!!!

    Your children are adorable. Those are lovely photos.

    That is priceless.

    'I can't leave mom. I'm looking at God.'

    Sounds like the beginning of a children's book.


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