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    We have had a blast. It’s been wonderful! We’re here in Cali for only a short time and it’s been great. I’m currently sitting in the Sacramento airport waiting for our flight out to Atlanta which eventually take us to Harrisburg, PA.
    My flight out was long. It was so long that I can’t believe I made it all the way through. It was just me and the babies. I had two layovers…what was I thinking!? I must have been pretty motivated. Undoubtedly, that’s what it was. Not to mention the price of the tickets. I managed to find tickets for $97 one way to and from Harrisburg! That is unheard of. I was willing to travel alone with the two munchkins for $97. Are you kidding me?So, eagerly, I boarded with my tuna fish sandwiches, goldfish crackers, juice and bottles. I think midway through my second layover I lost my patience, started sweating profusely and realized I had a crick in my neck from trying to sleep with a baby on my chest and sitting on the edge of my seat to make room for Cylas’ growing little legs. But we made it safely and our stay here was wonderful! So worth it all…so worth it all.
    We arrived late Monday evening and the next day we had church…it was nice to see everyone, but the party really started on Wednesday with Sarah’s bachelorette shindig. Good Lord. I shan’t say another word. We def had a good old time with all of us girlfriends. I really needed that time to decompress and just let my hair down with my true blue buddies.

    So, from Wednesday on it was wedding bells and rehearsals. Friday was Sarah and Clayton’s wedding and it was absolutely, organically breathtaking. (can something be organically breathtaking??) Well, either way, it was. Open fields lined with vineyards, a huge oak tree, a pond, an old barn and a classic antique manor home. Unbelievable. Sarah has impeccable taste and it permeated every part of her emotional wedding.

    After Friday’s festivities, Saturday rolled around and I fell out of bed exhausted but ready to go. I had the distinct honor and priviledge of taking the photos for David’s cousin’s wedding. John and Vera French. It was such a cute wedding. Set in the backyard surrounded by trees and cozied in by the woodpile and open field. The flower arrangements were gorgeous and added such a fresh feel. A very cute couple.

    And then for the icing on the cake. My sister. I’m sure those of you who have sibling might think you have the best, but you are all sadly mistaken. I truly have one of THE most talented, gracious, loving, kind and giving siblings ever. On Monday evening she had her junior piano recital and she did everything but make water turn to wine. Incredible. Beautiful. She played 45 minutes of music. It was all memorized and executed with perfection. She prepared a piece for her encore and sang her own version of “Somewhere over the rainbow”. It pains me to think that I have to leave all of this behind. But we’ll be back soon. I’m so proud of her and EXtremely grateful that I was able to take pictures of her and to be at her performance.

    Yes it was a whirlwind of events. You did fantastic at both the photo shoots.

    I enjoyed my time with the babies. Both of you are doing a great job of raising them.


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