10 Oct 2009, 3:09pm

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    Actually, they didn’t really have names. But in respect for the dead…I mean really. What am I going to label the plastic ziplocs? Chicken 1 and Chicken 2? We didn’t start out with two chickens. We had ten. D and some other force of nature killed the rest before we could eat them. We were afraid they were sick. Eventually, Darwin’s theory took over and only two were left standing. But, today David took them out back and butchered them. Skyler went out to watch. At first, he told me there was no way he was going out there. It’s amazing how blood and guts entice and enthrall boys. He was out there standing in rapt attention as David cut and parsed out the chickens. Eventually, Cylas went out there. After it was over, Skyler was talking about how he should be the one to butcher them the next time around. Cylas, however, tried to reason it all out and followed David around telling him, “Papa, I luv yew. I love yew, Papa. But, you killed my chickens.”. Aww. Not that he was seriously attached to them or anything. But he did enjoy looking at them through the wire. It’s ok. Our neighbors stopped by this morning and gave us three more chickens. Only these ones will not be butchered. These are laying hens. Thank goodness! We eat more eggs than I’d like to divulge. But seeing as winter is right around the corner, we won’t be getting eggs until spring time. Cluck, Cluck, looks like rain!

    This is totally gross and totally wonderful all at the same time!
    p.s. Mmmmm EGGS!


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