23 Oct 2009, 1:13am
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    So excited! D went out to feed the chickens today and he came back with these:

    Would you look at those brownies in the midst of all those white-es. That’s kinda how I felt my whole childhood. The only brown grandchild, child…hahah. Anyway, I digress. It’s been twelve long days since they moved here and finally their cluckers are cranking out the eggs. Can’t wait until spring time when they will be giving us chicks, too. D is so creative. While driving by a neighboring farm, he notice that the corn bin dryers had piles that had built up on the ground beneath. So, later on that week he stopped by and scrapped all the ground corn waste into a five gallon bucket and that’s what we feed our chickens. I don’t know if that was the magic that made their egg shutes start up again but I’m happy, either way. I was starting to think that the wild bird seed we were giving them was making them constipated. Hmmm…MiraLax for chickens? Something to think about.

    Speaking of brownies and white-es, my children are just a pile o’ mess. They are such giggle buns. Recently, Roma has mastered the art of climbing onto Cy’s bed. This is good and not so good all in one breath. It’s good that she has mastered her motor skills but why does she want to practice them on all the dangerous spots like: stairs and beds? Not so good. And of course, Cy wants to ‘help her’ get down. I think I’ve had five heart attacks in the past week. I appreciate my little girl’s desire to keep up with her big brother and likewise his effort to make SURE she keeps up, by dragging her around at times, but it’s seriously adding unwanted years on to my life. She isn’t walking quite yet, but she’s almost there. And if Cylas had his way she would be running and riding tricycles with him. However, my dear, sweet Roma has her own ideas about life and how she wants to approach it. Her schedule is just as busy as her brother’s but at a completely different pace. Odd. Perplexing. And to be quite honest, I’m a little nervous. I have one VERY particular little boy and one very methodical little girl. Uhm. Help? Anyone? Save me? Oh well. If I stop bloggin for a while, you’ll know where I’ve gone. I’ve either gone crazy or my children found a way to get rid of me.

    One of her favorite past times is to stand, clap and crouch. It’s quite an amazingly cute skill. But don’t try it. You’ll look stupid.

    Misha, Your children are just oo cute! It was really good to see you and your family last month and I so enjoy reading about your "country" living. Love ya, girl!

    Melissa, it was so nice to see you all as well and very comforting! Thanks so much for your thoughts :) ) I need 'em! They encourage me.

    Misha, I just love your kids! My kids just think they are the funniest little munchkins too. By the way, we have 6 chickens now and we get brown eggs and BLUE! Weird huh? Well, it is actually a blueish-green. But they taste wonderful. love and miss you!

    23 Oct 2009, 4:21pm
    by SheGazelle


    Wow…your little girl looks much like your sister, Maria. Especially in that first pic.

    Oh my goodness, Riley does the stand, clap and crouch, haha. It is cute!


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