2 Nov 2009, 5:45pm


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    I’m not QUITE a diva. But I’m getting close. The amount of money I save every time grocery shopping comes around just makes me smile. I started putting away all of the extra money that I saved into our savings account. Novel, huh? The picture up top is my coupon envelope. I love that thing and wouldn’t be caught day or night without it. Since I don’t have a proper coupons organizer I had to reinforce my envelope with packing tape. It’s transferred from bag to bag and never far from my finger tips. I spend about two hours a week scouring coupon sites and coupons from the newspaper. I recently found that the library, here, offers coupons to those who have the patience to filter through, literally, hundreds of coupons that have been clipped and donated by the community of library goers. Granted, most of the coupons I find there are for Miralax, Centirium and dog food. A testament to the dense population of fifty and older in this area. Every once in a while I happen upon a nugget of gold like a $1.50 off Huggies. And then, I hope and pray that Huggies are on sale in the stores. Sometimes, I call the store to see if they are having a sale because not all Targets or Walmarts participate in the sales that you find online. Saves me a trip. Somehow the hunt to find coupons and match them to the sales going on in the stores has become a wonderful game of hide and seek between the hunter(me) and the hunted(those juicey sale items). I challenge myself to see if I can save more and more each time I go out. The most I’ve saved in one outing was $45. I couldn’t believe it. The more I do this, the better I get. I’ve learned to look at the CVS insert and try to match my coupons to what they have listed on sale that week. I shop and find the items that gaurantee when I check out my receipt will be accompanied with a print out of coupons I can use on my next visit.

    I would be remiss if I didn’t share a couple of the sites that I frequent regularly. Have fun and try to save a buck or two.




    3 Nov 2009, 3:11am
    by Mary Frances


    Thats AWESOME!!! My mom has always been a big coupon person AND I really NEED to get more into it!!!

    I feel compelled to send you the coupon section of the Sunday paper!
    Look for it soon!

    MAry: You have to get into it…the savings are great, great.

    Lisa: Oooh! I'm excited! I love coupons. We don't get the paper…so this is like Christmas :) )


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