9 Nov 2009, 9:34pm

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    Am I the only one who suffers from a serious case of multi-task-ia? Gracious. I can’t seem to take five straight minutes to finish one thing before I see another chore in the next room that needs to be taken care of. Just today, I was folding laundry and decided to just put the sheet back on Cy’s bed instead of folding it. After fitting the sheet on to his bed, I decide to just make it(usually, he does), after I made it I noticed some books on the floor. I picked them up. That finished I decided to finish folding the laundry. The laundry done, it leaves me with some spare time to start working on Roma’s invites for her party. A lot of my crafting stuff is upstairs so I head up there. By the time I make it back down, I’m fuming. Sky’s room(my little brother) is a wreck and his bed isn’t made. I storm back up the steps, invites long forgotten by this time, and shove every last piece of his belongings, that happened to be unfortunate enough to have been left on the floor, AND his rumpled bedding into a garbage bag. Garbage bag is set on the porch. And no, we don’t have a garbage day out here. I’m not throwing his stuff away. That bag has just turned into something akin to money. It’s very valuable and the only way he’s getting that stuff back is by doing the dishes or some other chore. He can pick a couple of items out for each chore he does. With that said, I’ve got all the proverbial burners going at once. Invites, cleaning, getting the potatoes and meat out for dinner, starting another load of laundry and of course…blogging about it all before I forget. These types of days are important, you know. I want to remember this when I’m old and close to losing my memory. Be able to look back on what kind of life I led as a young mother of two adorable children. Oh, did I mention that Roma pooped during all of this, too?

    10 Nov 2009, 3:27am
    by Living Life by Zhenya


    Misha, this is such a funny blog! I laughed while reading it. I like how Cy has to do a chore for every item to get out of the bag. I should mention it to my sister to try.

    Take are Misha :)


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