18 Nov 2009, 8:27pm


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    You know, it varies. Some days I’m inside from dawn until dusk. Other days I’m out and about running errands with my two munchers. And then, my favorite days…the ones where I’m outside with my babies playing. Or, I’m inside with my babies building things. Today was one of my favorite days. I had a grand plan of cleaning, in preparation for Roma’s birthday party this Saturday but only half of my plans were finished. Half? I’m being generous. I’d say a third. I started off around 6:30 this morning, my eyes were still sleeping but my body some how found itself in the kitchen conversing with my husband. Over oatmeal, eggs and toast I collected myself mentally.
    I figured it would be best to start with the kitchen, but I got distracted and decided to throw in a load of laundry so there would be two things, that desperately needed to be done, going at once. Roma, in all her almost one year old cuteness, hopped into my basket of unfolded laundry. It made laundry time more interesting…

    Then she got tired and I laid her down for a nap. But that was when Cylas came home from playing next door and begged me to go outside and play baseball with him. I obliged. How can you say no to such a creative little mind. I mean, who thinks of using a STRAINER as a baseball mitt?? Cylas does. And that’s what was used during the world’s shortest baseball game, ever. It lasted ten minutes. But that’s only because he got distracted with rolling down the hill instead of hitting the ball.

    Here are the tools we used. Notice that only one part of a whole tee-ball set is being used(later he found some of the other pieces)…I think we played more of a golf/baseball/lacrosse hybrid of games. Either way, it was jolly fun and I never heard such giggles in my life.

    Then, after we went back in and I finished mopping the kitchen, we built forts. Really cool ones that only mommies and their babies can build. So, it took me all of three minutes but it brought them about an hour worth of fun and laughter. Roma got tired and for some strange reason Cylas decided that he was due for a bath!? Yeah, the kid has his own bathing schedule. But we have fun and boy did it feel good to smile today. I smiled and let the joy of motherhood seep into my bones.

    Nona wants to build a fort with Cylas and push Roma around the livingroom floor while seated in her laundry cart!
    Love you

    We miss youuuuu!!! :( And Cylas has been asking for you. He asked for you today, as a matter of fact. He wants to go to "Nona's house" !!

    19 Nov 2009, 2:56pm
    by Keisterfam


    How refreshing. Those are truly the best-est of days.


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