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    Well, I don’t know exactly how many days but I can tell you it’s been one year since Romalise Kelbatyrov was born.  I still remember how cold it was.  It was FREEZING.  And due to hospital regulations, I was required to sit next to her in the back.  Unfortunately, the back seat of our truck was such that I ended up CLIMBING over the front seat to get to the back.  Yes, I climbed and it was only a mere 24 hours earlier that I had just had a baby.  Anyway, the whole point of this short anecdote being…Roma is ONE!!  One…unbelievable.  Recently, I peeked back into my blogging archives and read about my first 72 hours as a new mother.  Good lord.  I do not want to revisit that.  But I can tell you that her little birthday party was so heart warming and very rewarding.  My mom worked very hard to help me make this party everything I had envisioned it to be.  THANKS MOM!  She sewed and sewed and I directed.  Hahah.  We made a great team.  David, too.  He drew the templates for the flowers.  What would I do without my very creative husband?  As a rule, I’m not that creative.  Well, I take that back, I am, but not in the ways that are fully developed, have any rhyme or reason or are conventional.   Two words — Watch Out

    (What?  Who has ever heard of undeveloped creativity?  …now you have)

    So, I got this little tickle in my brain and I decided to go with it.  Felt!  Felt — I want a felt party.  So, I started looking around and BAM saw a few great ideas that were WAYYY beyond my ability and budget.  So, this is where my undeveloped creativity kicked in.  Flowers and dolls.  Originally, I had wanted to make a felt house, have bird cages with pretty little decorative birds and big felt flowers hanging from the ceiling.  My wallet gave up even before I started on that idea and I ended up with flowers, one sparkly, felt crown and a doll.   I’m in love with the doll my mom made for our little Roma.

    I really wanted her first birthday to be memorable and it definitely was.  From the birthday banner, which had pictures of her from one, three, six, nine and twelve months, to the felt cutouts of flowers even to the sprinkles on the cupcakes.  It was all special and unique.

    By the end of the day,  I was exhausted and not at all interested in cleaning anything up.  My mom helped with that, too.  Where would I be without such love and help?

    However, what really made this party special was my dad.  He was able to come and that made me really, really happy.  When Cylas turned one, he was unable to fly out to California, but since we are back East, now, he took the three hour trip to join us.  Very nice to have both of my parents here to share the moment.

    And for all of our friends, who are actually considered family, we miss you all and wish that every one of you could have been here to help us celebrate. 

    23 Nov 2009, 1:06pm
    by Keisterfam


    Her party was so adorable. I was however extremely disappointed in her lack of mess making during her free-will cupcake eating. She's definitely her mother's child.

    I've been lagging on my blog reading! I generally try to keep up, but have been to busy. Your children are CUUUUUTE! Happy Birthday, Romalise!


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