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    Ok, sorry, I need to get my blog on.  I have been, well, busy, to say the least.  I don’t think I’ve had time to recuperate from Thanksgiving.  *sigh* But on to the now.  Folks, it’s been a doosy and I mean it.  Christmas dinner was at our place this year.  It was delish.  And I didn’t forget any of the dishes this time.  (Thanksgiving, a couple of the dishes I made were forgotten in the other room…) Also, David brought home the PERFECT tree.  I was beside myself.  Cylas almost went through the roof.  We decorated it with lights and three, yes three, ornaments.  It was all that was left from our move to PA.  Whatever.  Cylas didn’t know the difference.  Then I thought it would be so nice to have candy canes (NEVER A-GAIN!!)  Before the hour was out, half of them were broken, strewn on the floor and the other half were in Cylas’ stomach.  Roma even got a hold of a couple pieces and I could hear her breathing hard because it was a little spicy.  So between two peppermint breathed babies and candy canes on the floor, I vacuumed and tried to find a little joy in my heart because it is Christmas, after all, and it only comes once a year.  Christmas Spirit, Christmas Spirit    Wait – does that REALLY include being happy about vacuuming and picking up pieces of candy for three days in a row?

    Either way, when Christmas day arrived I was more excited about the gifts than the kids were!  I was up at the crack of dawn and around 8:30 the babies popped awake.  Between screams and giggles all the gifts were opened and everyone was satisfied with their Christmas booty. 

     Ok, so, Christmas came and went and two days later I turned one year older!  Goodness.  When I pause to think about my current age, I get shivers.  And not the good kind either.  But the salve to my wound was our trip to the city.  Nothing like a trip to the “city that never sleeps” to forget about how old you are.  
           (the Big Kelba and little Kelbas in the taxi on our way to see Wintuk!)
    We saw Wintuk.  A Cirque production.  A WONDERFUL evening and perfect for the babies.  Cylas’ squeals were unforgettable.  When the show ended, millions of paper snowflakes fell from the ceiling, covering our heads and faces.
    The night before was just as pleasant.  My sister, brother, Cylas and I went out to see the tree at Rockefeller Center.  Fantastical and totally rad-tastic.  Cy has a minor obsession with Christmas trees and this only fueled his fire.  He yelled at the tree, waved and tried to climb through the barricade so he could touch it.  Hahah.  My little monkey.
         But walking down those streets and hearing all of the noise gave me a certain energy.  That place does something to me every. single. time.   And I love it.
            (in the Subway…once again refusing to look at the camera)

    Lastly, I totally rang in the New Year sawin’ Zzz’s.  I was exhausted.  Utterly and completely.  I think I still am…

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