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  • It’s called Lohbot.

    My son’s new favorite thing.  Robots.  Or, “lohbot”.  He still has trouble with his ‘r’.  Either way, we’ve found that Robots are the perfect bribe.  “Go poopoo and I’ll give you a robot!”  Yes, sadly, we’ve taken to bribing him into poopy training.  This has been an on going battle and I think the “I’m a big boy now” side is starting to win.  It’s really, really exciting and funny.  I say funny because he giggles as he is making the .ehm. deposit.  And then there is the cry of victory after which, all of us Kelbatyrovs stuff ourselves into the hall bathroom clapping, making the biggest ruckus, ever.  It’s great.
    It’s not easy potty training.  Any mother can tell you.  I’m sure that for some children it may be easier but it’s not “easy”.  For sure.  And I feel like I’ve conquered the world.  Well, conquered uncharted waters in the world of being a mother.  No other feeling like it.  Not lying.  This is day three of him walking himself to the toilet to take care of business.  In world where there is hate, people are dying and wars in Iraq, there is the small flag of victory waving the hall bathroom of the Kelbatyrov household.  Be still and Take note!!

    Yes, my children and my husband are silly and that’s why I can’t ever say my life is boring.  They make life out of dead materials and it creates joy in my belly.  They giggle and run around before realizing that …shoot, what if the neighbors see them with plastic dryer tunnels on their heads.  Reality.  Check.  But in all honesty, they don’t care…  

    Cylas and Roma are quite the team.  And I really mean that.  They get into trouble simultaneously making it difficult for me to catch them both in action.   Cylas is in the kitchen climbing up to the cupboards while Roma is in the bathroom putting toys in the toilet…I’m stuck in the front room yelling from one end of the house to the other hoping to startle someone back into obedience.  Psshhyah.  Not happenin’.  So, I make a mad dash to the kitchen and run down the hall with Cy on my hip so I can get to the toilet before we have to call the Rotorooter guy.
    No.  I’m not crazy.  I don’t go crazy.  Nope.  I’m…o.k.

    Misha, I haven't visited your blog lately so I had some catching up to do…scrolling through I really loved this post. I found myself laughing out loud because I felt I was reading a story about my own day as a stay-at-home mom! Except I have 2 boys, which can make it even more interesting at times…to make things a little more fun, we are expecting our 3rd little on on Sept. 16! Yay, we are so excited & hoping for a little girl this time around…we'll see! You're kids are beautiful and your blog is encouraging…thanks!


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