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    To accept the big things in life when you’re little.  I mean, like, size 4T pants are much MUCH bigger than 3T.  They sag and fall and you need a belt because you’re too skinny but finding a belt that fits is really hard, too.  They don’t make them that small (well they do, but it’s hard for your mommy to find them!)  And your old pants fit so nicely even if they are EXTREMEly short around the ankles.  But it’s even harder to give up your bed.  Not just give it up but give it to your little sister!  Egads!  One of the hardest things.  Ever.  So, last night D set up the new bed.  And Cylas was nonplussed.  He couldn’t figure out why the bed Skyler had been sleeping in, for all this time, was taking residence in his bedroom.  He refused to sleep in it.  Because it was Sky’s.  So he slept in his old bed.  But his old bed was in the front room.  Talk about major loyalty and ultimate rejection all in one night.  So what if the new bed is bigger and you can jump twice as far from one end to the other, and it’s higher off the ground making your plummet to the floor a lot more fun because you can roll once you hit…it’s not worth leaving your old bed.

    So, tonight he informed me, “I ever not guh seep wight there mam. Not guh! So take it back.  I never ever, ever, ever.”.  Ok, Cylas.  Sounds like a plan.  (Right!)  Not happening and I had to explain why he needed to sleep in the new bed.  He acted like it made perfect sense and was completely agreeable.  But in the next three minutes it was evident that his momentary agree-ability was just that…momentary.  Back to the protesting.  And as I speak he’s setting up camp in his old bed.  In the middle of the front room.  Old habits die hard…

    Oh boy!!!


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