5 Feb 2010, 12:47am


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    Which is the mind….

    And my kid has an exceptionally active one.  Imagination, that is.  There is no cardboard box he hasn’t met that escaped from turning into a pirate ship, a submarine, a tunnel, bridge…you name it.  Or, give this kid a q-tip and an eraser and you have a flaming torch.  I kid you not.  I’m in stitches half the time. 
         David is “lighting” the torch”
    The other day I wrapped a bandanna around my hair to preserve it from getting torn to shreds with all the house work and Cylas promptly informed me that I looked like a pirate.  Arrrg.  Ok, not exactly the look I was going for.  Maybe, more along the lines of a cute 1950′s house wife.  No.  I’m a pirate.  So, I made him walk the plank.  And then I took my bandanna off.  No more of that.  I’m getting close to thirty AND I look like a pirate?  Ok, ok, let’s change the subject.
    I enjoy this firecracker of a boy I have.  And I’m looking for ways to make sure his imagination stays active and his desire to learn about new things never fades.  I don’t know how many times I’ve sat on the floor and played cars, built a home for his robot, built a bridge, or a fort.  There is SO much to do with a toddler.  And the most beautiful times happen when I see him and his little sister playing contentedly in this imaginary world he’s created.
                Ok, so this isn’t the best picture of “content”

    Each morning he waits impatiently for “Womichka” (Roma) to wake up so she can plays with his toys.  He shows her which toys are off limits, which toys are no holds barred and which toys she MUST play with…even if she doesn’t want to because he knows that she really, really, really DOES want to play with them even if she’s screaming her head off trying to get away.  Yeah, can anybody feel me on this one?  *sigh*  Cylas, I appreciate your enthusiasm for wanting to share but FORCING someone to enjoy your generosity is never the way to go.  He’s learning.  I hope.

    Oh, and if anyone can give me a heads up on a good book on shadows.  I would be forever indebted.  Really, I would.  He is obsessed.  If there is a shadow, he’s on it!  “Mahhhhmm!!”  Shadoooww!”.  The sort of excitement one uses on a roller coaster when you get to the top and you know you’re in for the biggest drop of your life.   That’s the voice he uses.  Love. Love. Love shadows.
    He’s a regular Sherlock Holmes.
    5 Feb 2010, 4:18pm
    by Faith Maria Lopez


    Need I remind you that this sounds very similar to our childhood growing up….? Dare I mention the time where you generously gave us an umbrella and told us to jump off the top of the chicken coup to see if we could fly like Mary Poppins…I remember vEry wEll

    5 Feb 2010, 4:23pm
    by East Coast-er Momma


    Need I remind YOU that I know where you live and that you're scheduled for another visit and upon that visit I know where you SLEEP!?

    Awww Mish you're a great mom! I love the fact that he uses his imagination! So many toys anymore restrict their imaginations and lay it all out before them not allowing room for their mind to create… How wonderful. Love ya!

    9 Feb 2010, 4:30am
    by Patch-N-Boots


    Hello… this is Linda, the cashier from Wal-Mart. I'm just getting started on your blog… I love the care free and relaxed way in which you write. And your kids are Gorgeous!!! :-) I just glanced at your other site and saved it (as well as this one) to my favorites so I can go to it a lot. Let me read more… I'll have a more detailed comment after… Thanks again for the reading :-) .
    [I just created this Google account, maybe I will start one of my own Blogspot and put in some of my old writings.]

    9 Feb 2010, 2:51pm
    by Jana Floyd


    Hey Mish – my mom can recommend a great book with her children's librarian skills! In fact, she just had a toddler storytime about shadows!

    Oh my word . . . I never knew that she wanted to you to jump off the chicken coop.

    I do remember the story about Brother Murray stuffing dead people with grass . . . .

    27 Feb 2010, 9:18am
    by JulianaConsuelo


    Mom! Don't remind me about that story. =) I really believed it, and when I asked Bro. Murray in the middle of the Wal-Mart entrance….well, can you say embarrassing?!? I was SO gullible for any story Misha told me. hahaha


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