7 Feb 2010, 9:56pm
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      Learning to sew has been a recent endeavor of mine and I have devoured every minute of it.  It’s a wonderful 90 min every Saturday morning.  And it makes my week end with a smiley face.  See, I was put into contact with this wonderful lady named, Ethel, through another sweet lady named Ada.  Both are Mennonite.   And how I met Ada is another story.  Either way, the result of these connections has brought me nothing more than pure joy and bursts of creativity.    Over the course of a month, Ethel has taught me how to make my way around a machine.  She started with teaching me how to thread it.  Pretty basic.  And then we made a skirt (for practice and I would NEVER be caught dead in it).  Next, she challenged me to make my own pattern.  Ok, well, I had an idea for what I wanted.  I had bought Romalise a super cute summer dress and when I went to try it on her…it wouldn’t FIT…over her rather large noggin (THANK you David Kelbatyrov).

                                                 This is Ethel helping me get a handle on a few of the particulars

    This photo above has the dress that I’m trying to recreate.  It’s too cute for words.  And secretly I want to make one just my size so I can match my little cutie patootie.  Now, sewing doesn’t come to me naturally and neither do super creative, innovative ideas for outfits.  I’m the type of person who sees something I really like and then I recreate my own rendition.  Yeah, real original.  It’s like I have to jump-start my artsy-fartsy-ness.  Thank. you, hole in my brain.  That aside, I’ve managed to stay afloat. 
    This is only the beginning, folks.  I, unfortunately, wield a pen like two fingered cyclops and, therefore, can’t draw for the life of me, so all of my creations are trapped inside my brain.  I tried the other night to sketch a skirt that I want to make…FAIL.  Miserable fail.  Oh well, I tried.  Maybe I can turn my ever so talented husband into my very own sketch artist.  You know like the ones they have do mock drawings of criminals for people trying to remember who they saw commit….I digress.

      So, the dress, at this point looks something like this:

    Now, it’s not done, mind you, but I will be sure to post a picture of my little girl wearing it as soon as the last stitch is closed.  For sure.  


    you amaze me, Misha!
    you try everything and you are successful! I love you for it and I'm jealous of you all at the same time!

    That's awesome Misha that you are trying to learn how to sew..and it looks like you're catching on pretty fast! Love and miss you all! See you at No Limits??


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