12 Feb 2010, 6:49pm


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  • This is what happens when you get distracted…

    So, this morning I was bound and determined to get out of the house before 12.  I got my little sweetums dressed and thought she looked so cute that it would be crying shame if I didn’t take some pictures.  *sigh*  sooooo

    Cylas is sooo proud of his “Hop on Pop”.  Yes, that’s what he calls him and has since day one.  Ever since David read him that book… Oh, and he likes Elmo, too, fortunately not as much as his Hop on Pop. (Elmo is a little annoying while Hop on Pop is a timeless classic)

    Almost seems too good to be true to have been blessed with such sweet little beans as these…
                         (yes, her nose is a little runny…)

    They have such a volatile love.  Moments like this happen in an instant and I was so lucky to have caught this one.

    Butts Bits and pieces…

    Of course, it’s nearing two in the afternoon and I still haven’t left… but these photos make it worth it all.

    Riley is wearing that same onesie right now:)

    13 Feb 2010, 3:04am
    by East Coast-er Momma


    Ahh! Target…how I love thee, let me count the ways…heeh

    13 Feb 2010, 3:15am
    by Faith Maria Lopez


    I miss them! They are soo cute.

    The headband makes Roma look so grown up!


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