28 Feb 2010, 12:32am

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    I have many…many moods modes.  I can super burst clean (like when someone calls at the last minute to say they’re stopping by and my laundry basket looks like it burped up all over my house and the lunch crumbs are still on the floor), I can host a nice cup of tea with a good friend while my babies sleep, I can throw my workout clothes on and run a couple miles, I can cook a huge dinner and fill a bunch of bellies with some good food.  But there is one mode that I don’t switch into very well…survival mode.  And by this I mean, when I’m down for the count and my house starts to go up in dirty, little flames and milk spills.  Fortunately, I have the immune system of a bottle of vitamin C and rarely, if ever, get sick enough that I’m knocked off my feet.  But, I started to think…what measures do I take when I AM sick, or just had a baby and totally out of commission?  I crock-pot, I use Clorox clean-up wipes, I pull out the reserves from the freezer, I make pre-made dinner *gag*, I don’t clean…wow, that just makes me feel guilty.  As a matter of fact, every one of those “survival” measures makes me feel horribly guilty.  Is that normal?  I mean, I know I’m human, contrary to the belief of my husband and children who would swear on the Bible that I can turn water into juice, scrub the floor with the blink of an eye, do the laundry with the snap of a finger AND make dinner while all this takes place.
    But, if you think about it, there are times when you’re not sick but you still don’t feel well.  I’ve had those times when I was just plain tired and my motivation left me two days earlier without so much a warning.

    Drat you motivation, for doing that to me

     I really, really need to learn how to survive in my survival mode.  Sometimes, I think that when my motivation leaves it’s a forced respite for me.  I HAVE to slow down, I NEED to take a break, I MUST sit and relax.  Once again, I feel guilty about all of these feelings, but they are all very, very real. 

    So, I pose the question to you, what do you do when you’re in survival mode?  How do you keep the house going without keeping it going?  Please share

    28 Feb 2010, 5:26am
    by This is Carrie


    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Glad you found some inspiration. My first race was a 10K (although I had never run more than 4 miles in my life-call me ill prepared). But then a 1/2 year of 5K's and 10K's led me to a half marathon. Immediately following the 1/2, I knew I wanted to try a full. And here I am. Only 18 months away from the day I started running (I ran my daughter to school .5 miles away and I thought I might die) and I am training for marathon #2.

    Just be prepared to become addicted to racing. You're going to love it. Good luck!


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