3 Mar 2010, 10:12pm

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  • Reality sets in when I find…

    Things like this laying around the house

    Or, when he comes into the kitchen while I’m doing dishes and wants me to help him finish putting his belt on.  Or, when I walk into his room and he’s busy cleaning it because it’s “messy”.  Or when we’re engaged in a very serious conversation about how all the boys will laugh at him when they see I have put him in knit tights to keep him from freezing in this cold weather.  First of all, WHO told him it was shameful to wear those things under his pants in sub-zero weather, anyway??  And I can always, always, ALWAYS count on a good giggle when I go to upload the pictures from my camera and I find things like this.

    (You know he took this pic because his finger is blocking the flash, hence the dark area on Roma’s forhead)
    It’s like, what?  Is he a spy or something?  How did I not know he was standing there with a camera?

    And my heart bursts a little when he sees me cry and tells me that everything will be o.k so I better “stop cwying”. 
    It’s so unreal that my little boy has gotten to this point so quickly and really, do I have to repeat myself when I say, … overnight.  I mean, what little boy, let me re-phrase that, what THREE year old, little boy insists on making his bed, brushing his teeth and helping to sweep the kitchen?  I am telling the God’s honest truth when I write this.  I am just amazed at all the things my son enjoys doing and CAN do even though he’s three.  But, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t scared.  Because, good Lord, I think I’m creating a little machine.  A cute one.  But one, nonetheless. 

    Looking at him in this photo it doesn’t seem like he’s capable of all these machine-ish abilities.  But he is and so much more.  
    Cylas David.  What a bundle, bunch, scrunch and munch you are. and I love you for it.
    5 Mar 2010, 12:18pm
    by Keisterfam


    Isn't it crazy how they morph over night?! There are times when I look at my kids and I wonder where they came from or how they got so big.


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