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  • How does a six hours trip turn into a nine hour trip??

    Uhm.  Try, a poopy break, a potty break, a pukey break and eating.  That’s how you tack on three extra hours to any trip.  For sure.  If it wasn’t coming out one end, it was spouting out the other.  Grant it, in spite of the interruptions, our trip was very pleasant.  We had to pass through the tip of Maryland to get to West Virginia and, call me crazy, but I can feel a difference from state to state.  The hills look the same, the trees are just as bare, the houses are just as scarce but there is a distinct difference between each state.  And I really like the way Maryland feels.

    We surfed through Maryland and started the last leg of our trip.  Two and a half hours.  It was THE longest two and a half hours.  Ever.  It wasn’t bad…it was just long.  As we were making our way through West Virginia, David commented, “Man, this place feels different, it reminds me of an old man who has lived his life and he’s sitting patiently.”  
    But, I must say that this little road trip is so much fun.  We are purposely taking our time, taking two days to travel the full thirteen and a half hours to Joelton, TN.  My father is jumpin’ the broom with a very sweet lady, named Carla.  Bless her heart, does she know what she’s getting into?  My dad has energy that rivals my three year old.  But, he has a big heart, he’s loyal, a true friend, a lover of all things God and godly.  She’s in for a treat AND a ride.

    So, now, we’re all tucked in here at the Holiday Inn, babies are bathed, and I can’t wait to switch off the light.  Hopefully, the babies are just as tuckered as I am.

    Our sweet, sweet babies.  Making memories is so much fun…

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