24 Mar 2010, 8:49pm


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    Seriously.  How does one tell their “twangs” apart??  I don’t know.  On our way through West Virginia D and I tried comparing it to the Kentuckians and to the Tennessee-ers we had just been with.  No go.  Harsh?  Soft?  Hick-ish?  Genteel?  Goodness knows, all I know is that I really, really had a great time.  and so did our little munchers.  They passed the time by sleeping…

    And playing…while the other slept…

    There were a couple of times we were lucky enough to have them both out simultaneously.  Sort of a God send in the middle of nowhere. 
    Now, let’s see, the whole reason why we left on this adventure was for my dad. 

    Jumping the broom.  In Tennessee.  To a very sweet lady, named Carla.

    The whole affair was very nice.  We got to meet her side of the family.  Take a couple of family photos with ours.

    And most importantly, watch the two lovebirds unite in holy matrimony.  Holy Cucagunga-munga (as my dad would say) was my dad nervous.

    He was beside himself.   Cylas came down the aisle like a bullet out of a pistol.  I was so proud of him!!  D and I thought for sure he would freeze up in the back and one of us would have to coax him down…with candy or something.  But no, once again he surprised us.  What a little man.

    And then she came down the aisle.  My poor dad was a little shaky.  He whispered, “She’s so beautiful”.  Yes, love does that to people.  I bet he doesn’t even remember speaking.  But I do.  I was standing next to him taking pictures.

    But, he prayed a little and got over being nervous.

    They said their vows, kissed and stuff.  Jumped the broom…literally.

    And walked off into the sunset a newly married couple, ready to conquer the world.

    Now, before all of you who know my dad think that he’s up and left the Big Apple for Podunk, USA…let me assure you he-has-not.  She will be moving up north, happily and will have to learn how to handle that animal…which is the big city.  Good luck, girl!

    Dear Dad,
    I’m happy for you both and I know that you can conquer the world together.  Have fun teaching her how to ride the subway and speak with a New York accent.  Don’t forget to tell her that the “N” train does NOT take her to Whitehall St.  She’ll end up in Brooklyn fighting off a bunch of crazy Russians.  Don’t forget to take her on a lazy walk through Battery Park.  And bring a picnic.  It isn’t the same without a nice picnic in tow.  And just so you know, you don’t have to show her where all the good shopping is — leave that to me.
    Love your daughter,

    25 Mar 2010, 1:16am
    by Keisterfam


    Too cute. They look so happy! Congrats to everyone!!

    25 Mar 2010, 12:26pm
    by Jana Floyd


    Your dad looks DASHING! Love the wedding dress too. :) Simple & sweet. My kind of wedding. And I know aaaaaaaaall about twang. :D Hehe!

    10 Apr 2010, 9:40pm
    by karing1960


    What a neat custom! I'd never heard that before. How cool! I think I may have to try it. Where's my broom? Congratulations to Ben (Boo Boo) and Carla!

    The Mesters


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