31 Mar 2010, 7:40pm

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  • Captain Wonder and Madame Curiosity

    He’s the Captain.

    She’s the Madame.

    If there is one thing my little Captain is good at, it’s creating.  He can create a little world that is full of pirates, soldiers, bad guys, good guys…anything.  I love it.  It’s wonderful and inspiring.  Sometimes, I feel a little nostalgic watching him because it reminds me of my childhood days when my little sisters and I would climb trees and escape into the land of all things imaginary.
    And thankfully, Captain Wonder has a sidekick — Madame Curiosity.  Ooh, boy.  What a pair.  Of course, she’s only sixteen months and can’t run as fast but she makes the best of her chubby little legs and keeps that wily big brother of hers in sight.  She’s content to watch him build towers with legos.  Well, she’s content but only for so long.  Then she tests the lego tower by giving it a soft shove.  Tsk, tsk, my little Madame.  The tower comes down and Captain Wonder turns into Captain Terror.  Not pretty but a learning moment for the both of them.  O.  And me, too.  Yes, somewhere in there I’m learning how to be patient while I teach my little stinkers patience.  *slump*  Could be a losing battle.  But, it’s not.  I am making progress.

    Watching Cylas grow is so, completely, amazing.  Just today, as I took these photos, I watched him run up over the hill with his buddy.  They were falling, making shooting sounds, rolling around, squealing and I just stood there with a goofy grin.  It wasn’t too long ago that he couldn’t speak very well, walking was still a hazard and I was changing dirty diapers every hour.  Those days were every bit as special, but I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t enjoy cuddling with him in his bed, listening to his wild tales and giggling about his silly stories.  Half of them I don’t really understand, but I know they are meant to make me laugh.  So I do.  And I love it.  I mean, who wouldn’t laugh if their three year old told them that his underwear “could kill you” so you “have to watch out”.  Yes.  My son has lethal underwear.

    Now, although, my little Madame can’t talk her babbles do have meaning.  She communicates so much with her little eyes.  Today was telling me that she didn’t pull out the chair, it just ended up there on its own.  I know, I know.  Even though it was just her little mumbles, it was definitely made clear.  That isn’t the first time she’s tried to talk herself out of a tight spot.  One of her favorite places to perform her “no-no” curiosity is in the pantry.  I can not count the times I have picked up spaghetti and fettuccini noodles off the floor.  The whole time, she’s standing over me pointing, oohing and ahhing and making little noises in protestation.  Like, “Mom, seriously, it wasn’t me.  I was totally standing here by myself and the doors flew open and all of a sudden these noodles were everywhere.  I know.  I’m just as surprised as you are.  Promise.”  Please.  You think I fall for that?  Yes, I do.  She ends up getting more kisses than anything else.  And it doesn’t help that she offers to clean up this “mysterious mess” with me.  My sweet, sweet little girl.

    My babies are my life.  They have given me so much.  I am inspired by them.  I love you both my little Captain and my little Madame.

    31 Mar 2010, 9:25pm
    by JulianaConsuelo


    Oh how many times did we do that, Mish? "No Mom, I don't know how the dogs/chickens/goose got out. I closed the gate behind me. I'm sure of it." lol I can't wait to see you. I miss you so much!


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