6 Apr 2010, 8:09pm


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    I’m a mommy.  I have to be.  There is no other person in the world, except for another mommy, who can relate to these situations:

    I can carry a diaper bag, my purse, hold a toddler’s hand and push a stroller — all at the same time.

    My outfits have war markings.  A little puke here, a little snot there, a little smashed grilled cheese…

    Going to the restroom is in a public place is an Olympic feat.  “Cylas, please don’t open the door.  PLEASE!”  Oh, and trying to juggle the second child while doing everything else…

    My spit can clean up anything.  “Here, you have chocolate on your face…”

    Being on time is a thing of the past.

    Taking a shower can’t last longer than ten minutes before the phone rings, a baby cries or the doorbell rings causing anxiety as to how I’m going to take care of it all at one time!?

    When the house is too quiet, it means trouble.  Serious trouble.  Like, pancake mix all over the floor, dry spaghetti noodles tipped from their box, little hands in the toilet…

    Going to the library is where I get most of my social interaction.  ….  sitting, watching other moms with their children but too shy to start a conversation.

    My bed is everyone’s bed.

    Quiet time is when the babies are napping.

    I get happy when there is no laundry…for half a day.

    Warm, sunny days in the park with my babies mean a lot to me.


    moments like these…

    lips covered in chocolate ice cream


     the contented sounds of my little girl sucking her binky …

    Are what I live for…

    7 Apr 2010, 1:40pm
    by JulianaConsuelo


    Aw Mish! I can't wait to be just like you when I become a mom. Believe me, I will be calling A LOT for help so be prepared it's only a few short years off. =)

    10 Apr 2010, 6:45am
    by Patch-N-Boots


    eah… that is nice isn't it? And the love only gets stronger as they get older. Each day when you think you just couldn't possibly love them any more than you do… you fall in love with them all over again… This is a very beautiful and loving post… I love it… Thank you for putting a smile back on my face…………..

    10 Apr 2010, 9:37pm
    by karing1960


    I definitely could relate to your post. I did all that stuff as a young mommy, and now I'm a grandma, and it's being replayed! Enjoy it while it lasts. Too soon they grow up! Love you! Karen


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