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    I don’t know when it started but Cylas suddenly wants to be “this much”.  Holding up five fingers and yelling a little.  When people ask how old he is, he’ll proudly hold up five fingers and argue with any one who dare tell him he’s any less…like three…his actual age.  And he really, really wants to go to school.  Bad.  He’ll tell me that he needs to do “homework”.  So, I’ll draw out his name and have him trace it, or we will go over the alphabet two or three times and then talk about what we see in all of his books.  So, finally, I decided I should introduce him to the world he’ll soon be entering.  School.  We visited a pre-school.  I was completely and thoroughly unimpressed…he kinda liked it.  But I’ve already started my own version of pre-school with a friend of mine.  Much happier about that.

    But I figured he should see where his Papa goes to school, too.  So, on the last day of D’s classes this semester.  We went.

    Cylas was beside himself.  We walked around the campus, D our tour guide.  Before class we stopped in at Sbux for a sip of tea.

    I tried getting a picture of little miss and I….it didn’t work.

    The weather was a bit unfriendly so we waited out a short downpour before we headed over to his class.
    Cylas sat in while Roma and I ran back in forth in the halls.  Giggling.  Slapping Coke machines.  Drinking from the fountain and talking to random people.  Like…the longest thirty minutes…ever.
    (unfortunately, the photos we took of Cy and David in the class, disappeared.  Very upset…but what do you do.  We took plenty of other ones.)
    Cylas was so good!  But, he did have his limits and twenty minutes in, D comes out with Cylas who looks like he wants to jump off a wall or something.  So, I was walking the halls with TWO kids.  Once again — talking to random people, slapping the Coke machine and Cylas took drinking from the water fountain to a whole other level…he would fill his mouth and spit it out at Roma.  Not cool.  But very, very entertaining.

    FINALLY, Papa is finished and we head into the town to grab something to eat.

    A little burrito joint.  It didn’t taste like any burrito I’d ever had before.  And I don’t say that in a good way.  I mean, who puts cucumbers in a burrito?  Or chili!?  Whatev.

    We created great memories there…reading National Geographic.

    One of our best family days to date.

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