27 May 2010, 3:02pm
cylas Of Food and Love:

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  • Of Foood And Love: Washington DC…for a four year old Cylas!!

    I can’t believe he is four.  Knowing this makes me makes me feel a couple of different ways:  amazed ( at how quickly the time passed) and old (just because).   I have to say that each stage is unique and you learn to appreciate it.  This stage is awesome.  It’s awesome because I can actually converse with him and understand what he is saying!!  I have been waiting for this day.  His speech, as I have mentioned before, has been a bit muddled but now it’s like…wow.  And we talk about all sorts of things like bumblebees, being cool, long hair, poop, coupons, eating ladybugs, dancing, being fat, donuts…seriously.  I wish I could record some of the things we talk about because it’s hysterical.  I’m looking at him with a twinkle in my eye trying to be serious because I know that he is very serious about his concerns…like “why are bumblebees fat?  Did they eat too much donuts?”  WOw.  I love it.  So, that’s why DC is so sweet this time around.

    It was like the day was made for us.  We started out around lunch time.  D grabbed a tilapia sandwich at the best seafood hole-in-the-wall eatery, The Crab House.  The fish was fresh and the kids loved it, too.  The we hopped on the metro and shot into DC.  L’efant Circle takes you right to the museum.  Talk about amazing.  (I’ll show pics and talk about it after this quick ditty on Chop’t) Cylas was beside himself.  We decided, after the first few minutes, to let him be our tour guide.  Whirl.wind.  But it was just the perfect amount of time in each place.
    Then we went two stops up on the metro and ate at one of the COOLEST places. evah.


    Who wouldah thunk that selling just SALADS would be a hit?  It is def on our hit list to go back the next time we’re in DC.  I totally felt like Peter Rabbit in the middle of Mr. McGregor’s beautiful English garden.  Roughage heaven.  Take the China Town stop, it’s across the street from the metro station.

    Oh, and Urban Outfitters is there, too.  Just sayin’.

    The Air and Space Museum. Nuff said.  Anyone who has curious little boys (or girls) should make this a top priority.  Cylas ran like the Energizer Bunny.  No joke.

    There was so much to take in and experiment with.

    And it’s not just fun for the babies.  Adults can get silly, too.

    Cylas just died when he saw this big display.  D left me behind and ran down the steps with Cy so they could get close.  He wanted to see the “flying space people”…

    And free…

    The next day we went to the zoo.  So much fun!  Once again, we allowed Cylas to choose what he wanted to see.  Great Apes and Lions.  We got as far as the reptiles and then quit.  We were too tired.   Hah.  It seems like going to the zoo should be spread over the course of two days.  Or not.

    And those who say that children as young as Roma, 18 months/1.5yr, are too young to enjoy are just ignorant.  Really, they are.  Roma got all slap-happy at the turtles! She giggled at the monkeys and our time was not compromised because of her age.  Everything we did there was for our children and the time we spent with them was priceless.  We saw many things at the zoo — including The World’s Worst Mullet.  *gag*

    After the zoo we ate Vietnamese.  Pho-79 is a MUST for anyone who visits.  It’s only three blocks down from the zoo and right across the street from the metro.  Ye-um.  Priced quite nicely, plan to spend around $40 for two adults.

    I can’t really express the contentment I felt through our whole visit.  It just felt nice.  We budgeted.  Planned.  And had a beautiful little trip creating memories to last a life time.

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