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    I enjoy them both.  Both of my children — and both of their worlds.  Roma.  My sweet little petal.  She tends to gravitate towards squishy, plush silky things.  Like the silky her Auntie Ria bought her and the singing sea creature thingy her Gyempa Ben bought her.  Which oddly enough, kind of resembles her.  Spooky??

    I think it’s the eyes.

    In Roma’s little world there is nothing more exhilarating than toppling big brother’s block towers or stepping on his battle grounds.  Count on severe screaming, thrashing, growling and running.  From both.  Roma is screaming because it’s fun.  Cylas is screaming because it’s the end of the world.  Roma is thrashing because Cylas tackled her and Cylas is thrashing because he’s being violent.  Growling and running both come from a very giddy Roma who managed to escape her brother after being saved by an ever present mother.  *sigh*  But, she loves her “Eeya” (this is her name for Cylas).  Even though she’s a little rascal, she also enjoys focused play time.  A methodical moment where she entertains herself with one or two toys for quite a while.  I love it.

    Cylas.  Well, we all know about him.  He’s pretty much a running comic strip.  Calvin and Hobbs comes to mind.  Considering, his “Hop on Pop” is his side kick for most everything he does.  Including sleeping.

    And where Roma enjoys those cute fuzzy little sea ponies Cylas loves wearing the same shorts for days on end.  Even if I toss them in the dirty clothes.  He goes spelunking until he finds them.  And no mother in the world could get them off of him.  Not because they’re filthy…ok, well, yeah, maybe because they’re filthy.  It’s his “cool pants” and NYPD shirts for life, baby.
    And his Monday socks on Thursday.

    Other entertaining toys.  Spider man on a 747 saving the world from rogue robots.

    So, pretty much dirty shorts, Spiderman,  robots and blocks make his four year old world go ’round.
    And that’s fine by me.

    Great post – I can only imagine how crazy it must have been alone with 2 little ones. One year on a trip to Florida Avery got the flu and the "stuff" that came with it, well, it was good Asha and I were together even with just 1 little one. I can't imagine 2 by myself…brave.

    5 Aug 2010, 5:16pm
    by East Coast-er Momma


    Hhahah, yes, that trip was life changing. For sure. You definitely find out what you're made of…


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