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     (WARNING:  Long Post!  But very much worth the read)
    For sure.  Never before had I felt such a sense of California pride than on my last visit home.  The air, sounds, places, vibe.  All me.  Totally. 
    I am a California girl.  No two ways about it.  But with an East coast flare. 

    Our trip out there was amazing.  The kids had so much fun.  And I’m glad.  They reconnected with a lot of people and made new friendships.  Especially Roma.  She ended up stealing a few hearts.  Cylas just brought smiles at every turn and I felt so complete.  Truly.  Something about going home that can bring a pep to your step.  And for some strange reason I felt like surfing.  I don’t even know how to surf but I kept envisioning myself cutting through the waves.  Yeah.  Don’t ask.  I felt a little delusional at times.  hah. 
    The flight out there was good.  No drama.  Cylas didn’t sleep a WINK until the last leg of our flight.  He entertained himself with straws.  Yes.  Red little cocktail straws that the stewardess so kindly gave him.

    He staged WWIII in his seat while I tried to sleep with Roma hanging off me.  The flight there was much, much better than the flight back to PA.  I’ll talk about that later…

    Too much fun.  In-N-Out.  You have a special place in my heart. 

    And in Roma’s, too.

    But Cy is more of a Crepeville guy.  He bungeed himself to the wall.  What kid does that?!

    Felt Girls.  I love you all so much.  AND your precious parents.  Uncle Bob.  Cylas was asking for you, for that “funny talking guy that says ‘hey, how are you’?”.  In his best imitation of your Donald Duck voice.

    We FUnderland-ed with Aunt Patti and the girls.  Cylas could NOT get enough.  I was totally shocked at his reaction to the rides.  His mouth was wide open, little hands reaching for the tree tops and screaming for all he was worth.  Priceless.  And he wouldn’t let go of his Uncle Skyler’s hand.

    My girlfriends.  LOVE you guys.  I had such a great time chatting about life and the nitty-gritty that comes along with it.  Shhhh…hahah. 

    Cy’s sweet buddy Jack-Jack.  First time they saw each other in almost a year and Cylas kisses him right on the lips.  Too precious for words.  Children have such a sensitivity.  I pray that I help him continue to develop it.

    And my mom.  She did so much for us while we were there.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you!  You made our trip possible and very enjoyable…

    Flight back.  Nightmare?  I seriously swore off flying alone with two kids.  I cried a little.  I had an anxiety attack and my kids never knew.  Only the poor lady who was helping me get to my connecting flight in the O’Hare airport.  As we were stepping on the moving walkway, she asked me if I was alright.  At that point, I had been gulping back tears and breathing heavily to try and calm myself.  Memories of puke and pee haunting me.  My thirty minutes of sleep over the last 17 hours wasn’t enough to keep me from looking a bit crazy and like I needed pills or something.  But I dragged myself to our connecting flight at 5am.  Yes.  I had to find a way to take two babies across the airport at 5 in morning.  Never. Again. David! 
    We left Cali at almost 11pm and even before our flight took off it had a rough start.  Roma was pooping like crazy!  Noooo.  I hate changing poopy diapers on the plane.  Sick.  Thankfully it was all before we took off.  Finally, we boarded and settled in our seats.  Roma started punching all the buttons on the armrest and called the flight attendant like three times.  Eventually, my call button broke but the light indicator was still on.  So, they marked it down and knew not to come to my seat since the light wouldn’t turn off.  Why me?  About an hour and a half into our four hour flight Roma puked.  Cylas is sleeping on my lap and she tossed her cookies into the aisle, getting a little on the man seated across from us.  Not good.  I started pounding on my stewardess call button then remembered it was broken.  So, I leaned out as far as I could and start waving my arms.  Madly.  Heart rate climbing.  The attendant peeked her head out and scanned the cabin.  Ignoring my light because it’s BROKEN!!  I almost burst into tears.  The lady behind me pushed hers and let me know.  Thank God.  Finally got that situation taken care of and then about an hour later Cylas wets himself.  And I don’t mean just wet.  It was like dripping wet.  And how it found itself down into his socks I’ll never know.  But that boy could have filled a small pitcher.  So, I took him back to the bathroom.  Stripped him of his shorts and rinsed them out.  The stewardess handed me a blanket and I wrapped him in it. Back to our small prison, I wrestle between Roma and Cylas eventually just sitting on the edge of my seat so Cy can stretch out behind me while I cradled a whimpering Roma.  Still a little pukey smelling.  We landed.  I slept maybe 30 minutes.  The rest of the time I was trying to make sure my babies were ok.  As we were deplaning, I asked the young man sitting next to me to carry Cylas out for me because I had Roma.  We got to the bridge(the walkway that takes you back into the airport) and I’m waiting for them to deliver my stroller.  It came and I realized that I couldn’t open it by myself.  So I started asking for help.  Two people stopped and one lady happened to be heading in the same direction as me.  Harrisburg, Pa.  (seriously??  Who goes there from Cali??)
    Thank. You. GOD!  Because He knew I was losing it.  He let me come in contact with the one lady who was walking the same way I was.  And so, back to her question, “Are you going to be ok?”.  I kind of lied and said I was alright just “a little out of breath”.  But I’m sure she knew I was just barely keeping it together.  After a few wrong turns we make it to our gate and I figured I should make the most of my layover time.  Off to the bathroom where I stripped a very tired Cylas down, once again, and washed his clothing in the sink and dried it with the electric hand dryer.  Thirty minutes it took me.  AND our flight was delayed.  Can someone say sandpaper eyes?  I was so done with traveling by the time we landed. 

    But now that I’m writing this…I’m laughing a little and seriously considering another trip…

    Hahahaha!!! Misha!! What a horrid time you had getting home, you poor thing!! It was so great seeing you while you were here..we seriously miss you a lot and know that you're on our minds! Thank God for Internet to keep us all in touch! :)
    Love you bunches!!!!

    (P.s. Don't know if you got my text Monday or not (Sunday was ku-RAZY, but I wasn't able to burn the cd because of a message error. Boo!)

    Oh, Misha! I felt like crying when I read what you went through to get back to PA :( I also felt like laughing! Been there, done that, with 4 kids in tow! Even missed a connecting flight and had to stay overnight in Denver one time, by myself, with 4 little ones (ages 6, 5, 3, and 1), and no luggage! Yeah. Fun stuff. But we moms make it, we always do, because we have to. And if that is the price we pay to make sure our kids stay connected to our "home" then so be it. We love you and your family! And Roma was a doll in Sunday School!

    Wow! Sounds like an exhausting and crazy flight!… I'm glad you guys made it home safely =) Had so much fun with you and your kids.. they are so adorable! Love you tons =)


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