12 Jul 2010, 9:39pm


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    No, not with my husband because that’s just something I do every day.  I’m talking about books. 

    I need to re-learn how to appreciate books.  My love for them hasn’t died but the amount of time I have for them has.  The last time I completed a book cover to tail…please.  There is no live memory for that.

    As it stands, I’m listening to books on tape, a cheap stand in for the real thing, as I do dishes, fold laundry and clean bathrooms.  There has to be some way for me to get in a good read.  Well, this is what I tell myself every time I go to the library and find three or four good books I want to dig into.  The fourteen day check out limit passes.  I renew.  The fourteen day check out limit passes — again.  I renew.  This goes on for about a month…and a half, and then I just give up.  It almost feels like I’ve buried an old friend every time I return those books unread.  Sad parting — but necessary, because fines don’t care who you are or how attached you are to Bernard Cornwell or David Baldacci. 
    If only there was a library fairy, I’d make a wish that each week I could effectively speed read through all the latest new releases from my favorite authors.  The library and I.  We  have a thang goin’ on.  And it takes me as I am.  Late fees and all.  It also loves my children and husband, too.  It tends to swallow us all up every time we come, two hours passes so easily, and we enjoy every submerged moment.  Sitting on the floor reading books to my babies, joining other moms and babies during story time, doing crafts, playing computer games, building with the jumbo legos.  Nothing like it. 

    But I’m still waiting for the day when it’s just me. my book. two hours of silence. and a comfortable chair.  BLiss. 

    13 Jul 2010, 1:10pm
    by Jana Floyd


    I am getting all emotional, thinking about the hours, days, MONTHS our family spent in the wonderland of our local library growing up… oh to be there again…

    13 Jul 2010, 3:48pm
    by East Coast-er Momma


    I know I can always count on you to appreciate my posts on the library. You and me ,girl. Library forever. Semper Fi *wink*


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