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  • July 4th. Was a blast.

    Literally.  We spent this past 4th in NYC with my dad.  Every time we go there, I get butterflies and I can’t stop smiling for all the happy bees in my mind.  New York city is like a second home to me.  I have been making the 4.5 hour flight since I was 15 and now, for the past two years, the three hour drive.  I much rather prefer the drive.

    This time around we stayed with a family friend because my dad’s place is under going a much needed remodel.  D and I were so graciously accepted into Bro. A’s home.  He has a rather large apartment on the 16th floor with a fanTASTic view.

    We drove in on Saturday afternoon.    Stopping in Jersey to get our IKEA fix and then spent the rest of the evening with my dad.  On Sunday, the 4th, that’s when the real fun began.  I made oatmeal, eggs, bacon and toast for breakfast and we headed off into the city for the off Broadway show, “Imaginocean”.  What an incredible demonstration of puppet mastery.  For sure.  Roma, who is only 19 months, was held in rapt attention the whole time!  The only time she came unglued, along with Cy, was when they let loose with the bubbles.  Pure, unadulterated delight.  I love seeing my children like that.  They giggle from their toes and I promise I can see little rays of sunlight bursting from their eyes.  
    The show was only an hour long.  Perfect, because I was about to fall asleep.  It’s great for children but a little boring for the old folk.  My dad admitted to snoozing a little.  *sigh*

    The place where “Imaginocean” played, hosted a total of five shows.  It was just a big building with access to a few really cool and popular off-Broadway productions.  We promised ourselves that “Gazillion Bubbles” was next on our list.  Either way, the show was good and when it was over we were starved.  Right across the street sat our manna from heaven.  Thai food.  We all love Thai.  It was reasonably priced, about $9 per person, and a three second walk.   Couldn’t ask for anything better.  By the time lunch was done, Roma was out.  And then the ride back to the island before the ferry stopped running at 7:30.  9:30 was launch time.  Spectacular!  One of the best places to go and watch the fireworks is the big catholic church down the street from my dad’s.  You can see the fireworks in Jersey, Mid-town and Brooklyn.  Fab-ulous-o.

    We entertained ourselves a little while waiting for the action…

    My kids love New York.  They love Staten Island and all it has to offer…but the best part of all is the ferry ride to and from the city.

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