24 Aug 2010, 4:21pm
raising children


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       Why is it that I, as a mother, feel the need to compare myself to other mothers?  It’s getting annoying.  I catch myself comparing how my fellow moms work with their children at home doing things like:  ABC’s, 123′s, writing, crafts.  Good lord.  I do minimal amounts of these types of activities with my children.  Yes.  I’m horrible like that.  I don’t sit down with my kid every. single. day and go over these important skill builders.  I wish I was more disciplined.

    No.  Instead.  My kid plays outside almost all day long with his buddy.  They build sand castles, they ride bikes, the play cops and robbers, build forts with my couch and ALL the spare blankets and pretend to play chess.  And then, there are the days where I sit down and we sing the ABC’s, we count, we name the shapes and colors we draw and we practice counting and saying our ABC’s in Russian.  It’s just not every day.  I show him how to run my computer.  I send him out to collect the eggs and feed the chickens our fruit scraps.  And when Papa comes home out come the Play-dough, the model ships to construct, the kites to fly, the paper pirate hats made from newspaper and all the crafty activities.
    As of late, Cylas has expressed intense interest in helping me cook.  So, we mix the flour, sugar, and eggs to make pancakes, we pour the batter together to form the little rounds.  Or, he’ll pour the pre-measured seasonings into what ever dish I’m making.  We’ll discuss and smell all of the ingredients going into the night’s dinner.  That’s what I do.  I’m not a super mom, I’m not a homeschooling mom.  I’m just a mom.  

    My house gets messy.  Cluttery.  Annoying.  My kids scream, fight and cry.  My little boy wets the bed every now and then, my laundry over flows, my little girl takes baths in the toilet.  But I still have all my hair, my children are loved unconditionally and our home is a haven.  A safe one, at that.  I spend my days training my children, showing them how to love and be loved, teaching them the importance of communicating, how to be respectful…

    Wow.  From my vantage point, it looks like I’m raising well-rounded, responsible citizens.  ok, ok, I’ll quit comparing myself.  I’m not a bad mom…I’m raising my children differently.
    24 Aug 2010, 4:26pm
    by Jana Floyd


    Misha – I have dealt with this exact thing SOOO much the past few weeks. God has done an OVERHAUL on my state of mind. Over and over the past few weeks, I have received emails, devotions, random messages, scripture that says, "You are unique. You are not supposed to be like other girls/women/moms. Your life story is just right. Love yourself. Don't compare…" etc etc.

    Misha, you are a super-duper, fantastico, incredible momma! Funny thing, I am always comparing myself to you! I love your stories because it takes me back to when my boys were Cy's age. It is not the quantity of things you do with your children it is the quality! You make each moment count, and that is what matters. You are showing your children life skills, yet letting them have their own time to build their imagination! Like for instance, I'm sitting here at the computer and my children are outside playing "college" lol! Should I feel terrible that I'm not right there with them instructing them? No, I have some things to get done on this ole' pc! But we'll have our time together teaching, learning, and I'll make it impressionable! I can tell by the look on your precious, beautiful children's faces, they are well-loved and extremely happy!

    27 Aug 2010, 5:56am
    by JulianaConsuelo


    Mish, you are a wonderful mom and a wonderful person. I check your blog almost every day or FB to see what's new with you. You inspire me in everything you do. For instance: I am taking B&W Photography this semester ~ I aspire to look at things the way you do, see the perfect angle, focal point, focus, etc. Next month, I'm getting a sewing machine so I can start making my own clothes. Every day I wake up with the desire to make sure the house is clean, bed made and A has lunch to take or dinner to come home to. I want to write as passionate, eloquent, & informative as you. Most important, I pray and read my Bible with your words of encouragement in mind "Don't ever give up", "Trust in God when things aren't going right or it's the hardest, that's what draws you closer". You are my example. You are my hero. You are my Nanny Wilson. Even when she will be gone, you have a piece of her in you that I can hold on to and aspire to become more like. One day I will be able to share you with my children and then they will be able to experience that their Aunt Mish Mish is the coolest, most creative, happy, funnnest, beautiful person they could ever meet. My girl(s) will want to be just like you, just like I do. I love you.


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