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    I am aghast.  The rate at which my little boy is growing is almost hyper-speed.  Only a few months ago he was just putting his first sentences together.  I know.  He’s four but his speech has been a bit delayed and I’ve had to interpret most of what he tries to tell me.  Not easy, but do-able.

    He amazes me.  He sees so much and remembers more than I do!  He’ll talk about an incident that occurred a couple weeks back and I’ll just stare at him funny, amazed that he remembered the situation so accurately.  But what makes my mom heart so full of joy, most of all, is the fact he’s starting to trust me.  Not that he didn’t before but now it’s more noticeable.  We’ll talk about stuff and things and he’ll whisper in my ear, he’ll ask me to wait for him, he’ll check to see if I’m getting ready to run errands and make sure that I’m not going to leave him.  I assure him that I won’t leave without telling him and most importantly I won’t leave withOUT him!  There are times I will use everyday moments to prove myself trustworthy.  For instance, the other morning I asked him to feed the chickens and collect the eggs.  He was having a bit of a bad morning so I had to actually follow him outside.  I waited.  He walked off toward the chicken coop and then turned to me, “Mahm, you wait and don’t move, ok?”  I promised him I wouldn’t.  I waited until he got back and then I thanked him for being such a big boy helper.  Slowly, I am seeing how much my son respects me as his mother and D as his papa.  He has a healthy fear for our position in his life.  At random points during the day, he’ll come up to me and tell me that he likes me or that I’m silly or that I’m nice.  He’ll even point out things he likes about our family.  He’s four.
    Results.  Results.  This whole “being consistent” thing is paying off.
    He’s also very sensitive.  About a lot of different things.  Sometimes it’s disturbing and other times it’s endearing.
    Example:  He won’t feed the chickens if the neighbors are out because he doesn’t want them to laugh at him.  Disturbing.
    He doesn’t like when Roma gets hurt.  He cries and tries to tell us what happened and how we could have prevented it.  Endearing.
    He thinks he is a god.  And he made certain things on this earth and that the earth is really dirty and stinky and he doesn’t want to live here.  Disturbing.
    He prays for people at church.  Endearing.
    He’s this complex little creature that I love so much.  Seriously much.  His cute little lisp, his funky cowlicks, the drool he makes when he’s telling a cool story, the way he cuddles with his papa and me.  I love it all.

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