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  • Of Food And Love: The Big City, the Bronx…sweet summer in September

    First time, in my memory, that I have ever been to the Bronx.  My dad tells me that he took me when I was four, but I have no memory.  Well, I actually had a flashback as we were walking by the old Skyride.  My dad and I, a little over two decades ago, took that Skyride over the tops of the exhibits…Ok, enough reminiscing.

    But on this day I walked through the park with my babies creating memories and thoroughly enjoying it.  How many times have I been to the zoo with my babies?  Goodness, I think I’m losing count, but it is no matter because each trip is special in its own right.

    Zoos can be a lot of fun, or not.  We stay, max, two hours because after that it’s annoying.  It doesn’t matter if we’ve only seen three animal exhibits.  I can guarantee that a bad moment is bound to happen if we don’t exit stage left.  So, we do.  The Bronx Zoo had GREAT exhibits!  But it was so expensive.  If you want the “Total Experience”(which includes a shuttle service, rides and entrance to certain special exhibits), it’s $27 per person.  Basic entrance is only $12, $10 per child.  You can guess what we chose.  It was fine because without all the bells and whistles there was still a lot to do and see.

    Coming to the City has a certain healing power for me.  Yes, I’m being dramatic, but I actually feel much better after visiting and I get antsy if it’s been a while.

    I especially love Central Park.  It’s a city of its own.  And I love it.  The babies and I went on Sunday to meet up with some friends.  Unfortunately, D stayed back to do homework.  But the weather was too perfect not to enjoy.  And you never know what you’ll encounter…

    The cellist above was accompanying a bassist, a violinist and three singers.  It was breathtakingly beautiful.  The acoustics in the tunnel there was nothing short of fantasmical.  Oh, and did I mention that two of the singers were under the age of twelve?



    With my family.

    My children.

    Together forever.

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