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    My local library is cool.  I’m so glad that it is now twice the size it was when we first moved here two and a half years ago.  It went from a mediocre selection to extended rows of shelves, vaulted ceilings, cozy places to read, and an expanded children’s section with MORE books!  You never know what you’ll find lurking in those shelves, so much to learn, so many new, talented authors and well, in spite of all that I never expected to find this…

    I think I stood there gaping, totally doing an inner belly laugh, rolling on the floor of my mind — and then I grabbed it.  I put it with our stack of books because, by goodness, this was a find.  I couldn’t wait to sit down and read this over with Cylas, who happens to be obsessed with his rear end and all those cool popping, blipping, kapow sounds.

    And just like the unfortunate soul in the photo, I was surprised.  It was more informative than I had expected.  Who knew that “in one day, just over 2 cups of gas are released in farts”?  Sweet.

    And oh the places they go…
    I didn’t know that people farted after operations, but apparently they do.  And this means your intestines are working.
    Now, in our house, there is a strict rule that all your bodily functions must be under control while at the table, dinner, lunch or otherwise.  But this was a pretty cool illustration …
    “When it comes out the hole in your bottom…”  Well, well, now THIS is more what our house looks like.
    And after all those cool little facts it gets down to the nitty gritty and shows a very colorful diagram of all the places your food goes so it can make those cool sounds as it tries to make its stinky escape.  And it tells you why those puffs of air are so stinky. 
    The book was hysterical until the very end.  And yes, they did go there — “FART-thee-well”.  
    I would say this book was a total gas.  And every mother with a toddler should check it out.

    Love it! One of my quotes that I will never hear the end of is, "Keep your bodily functions to yourself!" Maybe you should read this to the youth group, and perhaps some of them will lose their obsession… ;)

    I am so totally child-less but I want to read that book!!

    Replying to your comment about the Japanese pattern book on my blog. I got my latest one from this etsy shop:


    She has a whole bunch with the photos of the clothes inside. Hope that helps!

    LOL! The books they come out with are pretty hysterical.


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