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  • Sewing: These pants…

    Finding it easier to sew these things.  I’m diggin’ it.  For real.  And my boy models them like he’s a pro.  The above photo was his choice of posture.  You handsome little devil, you.

    But there’s always a swing in his step, so that pose didn’t last too long.
    I made these at 10 o’clock last night.  It was fun.  The kids were still awake so I would shuttle up and down the basement steps to take quick measurements and fittings.
    I love this type of sewing.  Quick and focused with great results!  Unfortunately, I get distracted so I will go whole days without sewing.  It’s hard to dedicate enough time to this…sport hobby.
    I made these particular pants out of a linen that just so happened to be on sale.  Sadly, I know that winter will not be kind to these pants.  So, in order for him to get a decent amount of wearing time, I will have to make him wear tights.  Yes, he will be wearing those warm, woolly things under these suckers.
    These are so much fun.  Be on the look out for more.
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