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    One of the goals in this house, for our children, is that they are exposed to the arts.  If there is a children friendly museum within a reasonable driving distance, we’ve been to it.  If there is a special exhibit being shown in one of the Smithsonian’s in DC, we’re going.   My children have been to many theatrical productions, and they love it!
    Well, last night, we added the “Berenstain Bears” to their repertoire.  What a delight!  For the adults it was a snooze, but for the children it was a book come to life.  My sisters and I grew up on these books.  Some of my fondest memories are of trips to the hardware store with my mom and begging, begging for a new book.  Don’t ask me why ACE Hardware thought that selling Berenstain Bears was a lucrative endeavor but they did and we bought them.
    Last night, we took the kids for a bite to eat, picked up two young people from our church youth group and headed off to the big stage!
    When we walked in ,the volunteer seating us “ooh”-ed and “ahh”-ed and clucked about our children reassuring us that they were the perfect age for this performance.
    I agreed.
    Roma jiggled around in her seat waiting for those bears to come out and play.
    Cylas was anxious, too.  He wanted to see “those bears”.
    Finally, two minutes until curtain.
    And the Berenstain Bears make their entrance.  My heart sinks.  Cylas says, “Hey, those aren’t real bears!”  Uhg.  We were expecting the familiar furry faces of Papa, Mama, Brother and Sister bear, but alas, they were just people with “bear” ears and “bear claw” shoes and “bear claw” gloves.  As the show went on, Cylas let out a few giggles, clapped his hands and momentarily forgot about the initial disappointment of the fake bears.

    We finished off the evening with hot cocoa and pie.  Yum!
    I don’t mind taking my children to mediocre shows, with disappointing costumes, as long as they’re getting a taste of wholesome fun and the talents of people who enjoy acting.  I would rather they look forward to high school musical performances, young musicians playing their first symphony and small town actors putting on a pleasant performance about Bears, than to have them dabbling in less constructive activities…but that’s just me.
    1 Nov 2010, 6:29pm
    by Jana Floyd


    My love affair with theater began at an early age – with a family trip to our community theater for a production of Oklahoma. I was HOOKED from "Oh, what a beautiful mornin'"!! As soon as Paxton can comprehend, we are headed to the Center for Puppetry Arts!


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