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    I’m a sucker for a good book.  I’m an even BIGGER sucker for a good children’s book.  And this one stole my heart from first glance.

    Gimme that!  Give it!  Give that to me right now!!  Or, as we often say, in Russian, Дай мнеWell, the only things these phrases have in common is — their rudeness.  One of the most important tasks I have as a mother is to teach my children manners!  What a concept.  Our world is appalled and surprised by the breed of children that are being brought forth.  Wow.  And faaarr be it for me to add to the mayhem by raising two more heathens.  No sir.
    And I suppose, just like the mom in this book, you could stumble upon a book of etiquette during your browse time in Borders or, just save yourself the $30 and go to your local library and pick one up!
    This book brought to life the iconic Emily Post characters: Mrs. Worldly.  Mrs. Toplofty.  Mrs. Wellborn. The Kindharts.
    What a crew. 
    And I’m terribly in love with the protagonist.  Her hair.  I want to have Roma’s hair coiffed just so — giving her the feeling of movement even if she’s sitting, sucking on a binky.
    What a little rascal.  All of the children remain nameless but they should have called this one Jo (just like in Little Women).  They turned the tables on their poor mother causing her to stomp upstairs and stay there for “a long time.” 
    Somehow I can relate with the sentiment in this photo.  
    Poor mom, trying to instill priceless virtues into her children and she was outwitted and outWAITed by her brood.  But, I wonder if she had started when they were younger would she have had the same challenges.  I think not.  So, don’t frown at me when I chastise my children for not saying, “please, thank you, yes papa, no mama, yes (instead of WHAT!)”; or when I kindly remind my four year old that he must place his dishes in the sink when he’s done, or to fold his pajamas in the morning.  And when I encourage my, almost, two year old to wipe her mouth when it’s dirty. 
    Mmm, early, but sweet beginnings for well mannered children.  What a breath of fresh air.  Now, my mom didn’t raise us girls on Emily Post but on these books and these books.  They are such a bright spot in my childhood memory.  My mom still has them, come to think of it.  And soon my little boy will have the same sweet memories to add to his collection of “things my papa and mama did for me when I was a little boy”.  
    Thank you for the reminder, my nameless little Rascal…

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