30 Nov 2010, 2:40pm

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    Too many thoughts to account for, so I guess I’ll just go with the flow.  It’s been a busy two and a half weeks.  I received a phone call from my dad, informing me that a cousin of mine, who I had never met, and his grandmother would be in attendance for this year’s Thanksgiving feast.  When I finally tallied how many people I would have to feed this year my grand total was eighteen.  Yes, eighteen foaming mouths ready to stuff themselves beyond recognition.  Thank goodness my wonderful little sister was here.  She was amazing help.  The babies love their auntie Maria.  Especially, when she does special things like make ginger bread men with them.

    I started my Thanksgiving morning with a three mile run.  Fab.  My sister and I had started baking and preparing some of the menu the evening prior.  So, I was in desperate need of an energy rush.  Nothing like a brisk run on cold morning.  We got our first snow of the year on Thanksgiving morning.  And I was crazy enough to run in it.
    D, my dad and one of our guests enjoying the hors’d'avours
    Either way, on the menu, never mind…there was too much.  Simply put, it was a grand occasion.  Everything was just how I had envisioned.  

    Our food seemed to just multiply.  And it was alllll good.

    And yes, Julia Child did make an appearance for our feast, but, in the form of gravy.  Amazing.  Two diligent hours of cooking to make some of the best gravy, ever.

    We had a huge feast, lots of laughs, sang, played Pit and stayed up late chatting.  But, out of all the memories I think the one that will remain the starkest was Cylas dancing.

    On Thanksgiving night, I discovered a side of my son that I never knew existed.  He was like a tilt-o-whirl.  Sitting there watching him was sort of like an out of body experience for me.  The little boy twirling and jumping and moving in all sorts of African-dance-ish ways was totally not my son.  Yet, eerily enough, I saw myself in him.  And then I saw David in him.  Weird combo.

    Some things you never image will happen.  For me, I never imagined that I would be spending Thanksgiving with a handful of relatives from my dad’s side.  It felt great.  My grandfather, my dad, my cousin…simply delightful.

    And what warmed my heart even more was the fact that I was able to host this year’s Thanksgiving festivities.  My grandmother was the queen of such occasions and I could only attempt to tip-toe in her footsteps.  Verdict — my guests loved every bite and I enjoyed every minute.  There are three F’s that I just can’t live without during the holidays: family, friends and food.  And this holiday was a definite success if I say so myself.

    30 Nov 2010, 2:57pm
    by Jana Floyd


    OOoh Misha!!! This post brought me such joy! First – your dad's toothy grin looks just like Cylas' smile! And then the dancing video… aaaaaah! Awesome skills, Cylas! Your dad's laughter is just heartwarming to top it all off. By the way, I don't think many people have such awesome percussion at their Thanksgiving celebrations. What an amazing experience.


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