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    I’m starting to feel like my life is a bunch of unfinished conversations.

    One of the most annoying parts of being a mom, yes, I just said annoying, is the impossibility of completely finishing ones thought out loud. with another human.  Let alone your own inner thoughts.  The other day it was really quiet in the car, like only two minutes of silence, quiet, and Cylas, having quite enough of that, broke it.
    “Mahm, let’s talk about something.”
    Me: “Ok, like what?”
    Cy:  “Horses.” (said with the cutest little lisp attached to the “s”s.)
    Me:  “Ok.”
    Cy:  “Yeah, like if the horses went underground in a hole.  They would see all kind of bugs, like beetles, and lady bugs, and worms…”
    Me:  “Wow, the horse would have to be pretty small then.”
    Cy:  “What?  Pretty small?”

    I don’t think he liked my answer because he stopped talking for a few seconds — only to start back up again completely ignoring my input. 

    So, he’s allowed to have all these little running thoughts that manage to collide into mine, completely changing their course or making me forget what I was thinking about in the first place.  BAHhumbug.  Yes, I’m totally selfish and would like to have my inner AND outer thoughts to myself sometimes.  And if I had a genie in a bottle, I would totally wish to finish all my unfinished convos from the past.  How cool would that be?  I know there are some pretty interesting danglers in my conversational past.

    The voice of convos past.
    Sounds like the beginnings of a good book.

    But for now, I will have to live with digging into a good convo and being interrupted, constantly, by this kid or that, by this fight or that, by this crash or that…or that, or that.
    Wait, what was I saying… ?

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