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    I have to hand it to you, D.  You really showed me up on this one.

    My husband, basically, single-handedly clinched the training in “potty training” for our little girl.  I have been working and working with this little sweety pie for nearly two months.  Maybe even more…and today, my birthday I might add, her Papa decided that she was going to go potty in that toilet come hell or high water. 
    He looked at me and said, “I think that if she goes potty in here just this once, something will click for her.”
    It did! And she did!  It took two hours of book reading, counting, singing, story telling, coaxing and whatever else to get her to do it.  We eventually set her little throne out in the middle of the front room so I could move about the house cleaning and whatnot.  Thirty minutes toilet side does nothing for a shabby looking kitchen…
    This afternoon I sent up a quick prayer to God. “Please, I know you’ve blessed me with such neat gifts, but if you could help my little girl go potty on the pot I would terribly grateful. Diapers are getting expensive. Amen.”

    He heard.

    She went in the toilet TWICE!  The first time because she was toilet-ridden and the next it was all on her own.  Shock and Awe.  Yes, yes, yes!  Miracles do still happen, folks.  She has been a really stubborn trainer.  We would sit her on for a about ten minutes and read books, sing, basically distract her from the ring she was getting on her cute little buns from sitting so long, and the moment we would let her up she would run into the next room and make a slippery little puddle.  Good Lord that was close to infuriating.  But today she really took two huge steps to becoming a fully potty trained two-year old.

    Oh, and we’re trying to make the binky disappear, too.   This is day two without it, except for sleeping.  How is this all happening at once??  My baby no longer a baby?  It’s happening again…

    This picture is priceless!

    Aw, Misha, she's so cute! I remember the agony of potty training I went through with Jer. I've come to the realization that the saying, "I came, I saw, I conquered", is missing one important step before conquering…."I persevered! Glad she's getting it. Sometimes all it takes is one small victory to trigger a turnaround. Love you.

    Aunt Karen


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