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    Papas and mamas each have their calling in the parental roll.  Obviously.  But sometimes, there are things that only the mama can do just right that the papa can’t and vice versa.  The other day I was attempting to play with Cylas when he promptly informed me that I wasn’t “playing right” and that he would wait for his papa to get home.
    Shoot!  Wow, well, I sure do stink.  I quickly tried to redeem myself and offered to read him a book.  He took me up on that offer because he knows I’m good at that.  I’m not boring.  Blech.  Who wants to be called boring by your own kid!?
    Cy prefers me to read books to him, cook with him, run outside with him, sweep and vacuum and sew.  My list is pretty short.  And pretty much mirrors my own daily activities.  Horrible mother that I am.
    His papa, however, does all the cool stuff like building rockets out of old pieces of cardboard, toy guns out of sticky blocks, sledding as fast as you can and sailing over a homemade jump, building snowmen, fiddling in the garage and tinkering with old blocks of wood to create a robot, playing dress-up…yes, they find masks and try to scare each other.  It’s hysterical.  We have a basket full of ugly hair and scary hobo faced masks.
    But most recently, David acquired an art table.  It’s been a while since he let loose with his mad drawing skills.  Since we set it up in Cy’s room it’s been project after project.  It’s fabulous.
    Their most recent project:  A Rocket!

    D drew a mock-up on the computer first

    He cut and pasted and glued until the rocket was assembled.  Then he started mixing paints and explaining to Cylas what he was doing.

    Mixing the colors to match what he’d drawn on the computer.

    Cylas was so caught up in this process of creating.

    Finally, time to paint the rocket.  Paints perfect mixed.  My little artist carefully begins the transformation from just a plain piece of cardboard to a rocket that can reach the moon.


    Papa worked on the details.  But Cylas did all of the base coats.

    To the moon or bust, I say!

    love the rocket. Good job! =)


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