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  • The Island Is So Beautiful

    Until it kills you…

    I know, sounds dramatic.  But I’ve been thinking about this and it’s serious stuff. 
    There is this cool place, in the middle of nowhere.  Well, actually, it’s in the middle of our heads and it has just enough room for one person.  It’s comfortable there, the temperature is just right, the lemonade is so cold and frosty, there is just enough noise to make it feel like someone else is there with you.  But in reality, there isn’t anyone else but you.  What a shame. 
    That island has everything we want, but it doesn’t have everything we need.  Yes, it’s climate controlled and, yes, the food is just right and, yes, we can think clearly, but it’s our comfort zone and it will kill us if we don’t release ourselves from it.  
    Eventually, the comfort zone becomes the kill zone because it has no way of replenishing itself.  It needs an outside source to provide all of those little comforts.  

     I’ve heard it said that living on a deserted island is one of the “hardest things a person could do” and that ending up on this island is usually the result of a tragedy.  One thing that really struck me was this: “one wrong move or decision and it might be your last.”

    I think this is pretty telling.  Makes complete sense.  If there is no one else around…

     So, I’m sitting here thinking about all the times that I wanted to fold up into myself and put the lock on so no one else can bother me or make me extend out from myself.  How unhealthy is that?  Humans have a beautiful mutuality about them.  We were made to benefit from each other.  So, this whole, leave-me-alone-because-I-can’t-stand-the-fact-you’re-breathing-the-same-air-I-am just can’t work now…can it?  
    *sigh* I suppose that I will have to reconsider the beautiful little island population “me” and maybe it’s not so good after all.  
    Ok, ok, fine, I’ll open up a little and allow people in, allow them to love me, allow them to give to me and then, give of myself a little because it feels so good and so right.

    And I leave you all with this last thought from a Mr. Hillary –

    It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.  
    ~Edmund Hillary~

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