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    Full term pregnancies, that is…a few months back I was really, really wanting to have another child and then I talked sense into myself.  I’m happy with my two, they give me just about all I can handle sometimes and I’m happy as a clam.
    My first born, Cylas, came into this world reluctantly and has always been a bit particular.

    But his zeal for life and all things imaginative keeps me rolling and moving.  I’m not at a loss for entertainment, ever.

    (striking his Bruce Lee-esque pose)
    He’ll be five soon and every week I am amazed by him, by his mind, by his desire to learn new things.  It was hard for me to imagine that I would have the patience to sit and teach him how to spell his name, say his alphabet, his shapes and colors, but he has expressed a keen interest in all these so we’ve gone full steam ahead.  Everyday, we talk about what day of the week it is and what is so special about this particular day.  He helps me cook, clean and “fix” stuff around the house.  We read books about bugs, sea creatures, constellations, listen to Peter and the Wolf, sing silly songs and go for walks.  Those are his favorite activities…with me at at least.
    My second born, Romalise, a curious, methodical, sweet baby girl. 
    Not sure if Cylas made her into the firecracker she is or what.  Darwin wasn’t kidding when he said “survival of the fittest”.  If she didn’t know how to slap-n-run or pinch-n-dash or pull-n-scream, she might be laid up somewhere with injuries only her brother could give.  She has the cutest little smile that forces me to grin even when I’m grumpy.
    Her little curls are so soft and frame her chubby cheeked face so perfectly.  She only just turned two and most recently mastered the potty.  She will run up and tap my leg making little gasping noises saying, “Mahma, poo-poo, poddee.”  It’s true when they tell you that girls train much easier than boys.  She’s been basically accident free.  
    Although she is her brother’s disciple, a faithful one at that, she has her own ways about things.  Ever since she could grasp a pencil in her pudgy fingers, she has held it properly.  Amazing.  It’s so dainty and sweet the way she bends her head toward the paper and deliberately writes her scribble.  There isn’t a shelf or desk or stair she can’t climb and she hums Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star all the time.  She can build a tower of blocks that rivals her brother’s and in the next second sitting, listening in rapt attention to Peter and the Wolf snuggled tight against Cylas’ side.
    My beautiful, innocent children.
    We’re raising them to be art lovers, adventure seekers, music buffs, rascally friends and pursuers of the one true God.
    If you could be a fly on the wall and hear them as they interact…their love for one another is palpable and precious.  It’s not without the mandatory love punches taps, or oops-I-didn’t-see-you pushes but it’s real and it’s good.

    Oh my goodness Mish! You have a talent! I loved reading through this :) God bless your adorable & sweet little ones, and you and David of course :)

    What a great blog! Your children are adorable!

    19 Feb 2011, 11:38pm
    by Jana Floyd


    Beautiful pictures. Beautiful babies. And I think 2 is my limit as well…


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